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Sociology of Culture

The purpose of the Section on Sociology of Culture is to encourage development of this perspective through the organized interchange of ideas and research. The Section on Culture considers material products, ideas, and symbolic means and their relation to social behavior.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Allison Pugh, University of Virginia 2020
Chair-Elect: Terence Emmett McDonnell, University of Notre Dame 2020
Past Chair: Omar A. Lizardo, University of California, Los Angeles 2020
Chief Operating Officer: Ruth Braunstein, University of Connecticut 2020
Section Nominations Committee Chair: Omar A. Lizardo, University of California, Los Angeles 2020
Student Representative: Joanna Pepin, University of Texas - Austin 2020
Student Representative: Samantha Leonard, Brandeis University 2021

Section Council

Gabriel Abend, New York University 2021
Patricia A. Banks, Mount Holyoke 2020
Mariana Craciun, Tulane University 2022
Mathieu H. Desan, University of Colorado Boulder 2022
Ming-Cheng M. Lo, University of California-Davis 2020
Victoria Reyes, University of California-Riverside 2021

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