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For many years, sexuality was approached as an individual, biological or psychological phenomena. Today, the idea of sexuality as a social fact or construction is the point of departure for much of the most exciting scholarship in the area.

- Steve Seidman, Gil Zicklin, and Mark Hager

Welcome to the Section on the Sociology of Sexualities of the American Sociological Association. The purpose of this section is to encourage, enhance and foster research, teaching and other professional activities in the sociology of sexualities, for the development of sociology and the benefit of society. Formed in 1997, our section has grown to over 500 members in twenty years. Half of our membership is comprised of graduate students, which illustrates the increasing interest and impact of sexualities research in the field of sociology.

The Section seeks to promote communication, collaboration, and consultation among scholars in sociology, the sociology of sexualities, and allied disciplines. We do this through the development of sexualities-focused programming at the annual ASA conference, as well as through a series of award opportunities for sexualities scholars at all levels. We have a section newsletter that comes out twice a year. Members can also elect to join our Facebook page and our members’ discussion listserv. In 2018, we hosted our section's second mini-conference, "Sexualities, Race & Empire: Resistance in an Uncertain Time" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.