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Section on Sociology of Population


(adopted, June 2012)

The purpose of the Section on Sociology of Population is to foster the study of population within the context of sociology through meetings, conferences, publications, and such other means as are deemed appropriate by the Council of the Section.

Officers of the Section. The officers of the Section shall be a Chair, Chair-elect, past-Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer. The Chair shall be elected for a period of one year. The Chair-elect will automatically become Chair in the year following his or her office as Chair-elect. The Secretary- Treasurer shall be elected for a period of three years. There shall be a Council consisting of eight members. Student members shall serve for two years, with one seat being vacated each year. Other members shall each serve for three years, with two Council seats being vacated each year. Officers shall not succeed themselves. The Chair, Chair-elect, past-Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer shall serve as members of the Council, with the Chair acting as Chairperson of the Council. If the office of Chair becomes vacant, the Chair will be replaced by the Chair elect who will complete the previous Chair's term and serve his or her own term. If the office of Secretary-Treasurer becomes vacant, the Chair, with approval of the Council, will appoint another Secretary-Treasurer to fill out the term. If a Council seat becomes vacant, it remains vacant until the next election. The person elected to fill the vacant Council seat will fill out the term for the seat for which he or she was elected.

Powers of the Officers. The Chair shall develop the Section’s program at the annual meeting and serve as a resource to the Program Committee of the American Sociological Association in setting up sessions concerning population. The Council has the power to carry out all necessary operations for the Section, acting as representative of the membership of the Section. Any action of the Section, including changes of the by-laws, may be brought to the vote of the Section by the Council, by a petition of 10 percent of the members of the Section or by 25 members of the Section, whichever is less. Questions that are interpreted by the Council to be matters of new program development or policy shall be brought before the membership for discussion. In addition to the normal duties associated with the position, the Secretary-Treasurer shall publish a Section newsletter twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Election and Voting. The elections of the Section shall be carried out in cooperation with the American Sociological Association and coordinated to their schedule. Nominees for office shall be members of the Section and must approve in writing or by email their willingness to stand for election.

Committees. There shall be a Committee on Nominations, appointed each year by the Chair with approval of the Council. Except for the Chairperson of the Committee, the membership of the Committee on Nominations shall be non-overlapping from year to year. The Committee shall be constituted of three members and shall not include current officers. The Committee will present two candidates for each vacant office.

There shall be Committees for the O. D. Duncan Award, the Award for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship in Population; and the Student Paper Competition. All Committees shall consist of three persons appointed for three-year terms. The Committees may not include current officers. The terms shall be non-overlapping with one member appointed by the Chair, with Council approval, each year. The Committee members serving in their third years shall be Chairpersons of the Committees. The Chair shall appoint, with Council approval, replacements for Committee members who are unable to complete their terms. If the Committee member in line to be Chairperson is unable to complete his or her term, the Chair shall designate a member of the Committee to serve as Chairperson. Graduate student members of the Council shall be eligible to serve on section committees, except the Committee for the Student Paper Competition.

Other committees shall be appointed by the Chair with approval of the Council, or by the Council, on an ad hoc basis.

Membership. The membership of the Section shall be drawn from members of the American Sociological Association who have expressed a major commitment to sociology and population. Members who do not pay their Section dues shall be suspended and dropped from the membership list.

Dues. Dues shall be set by the Council of the Section to cover the operation of the Section in accord with the requirements of the American Sociological Association.


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