American Sociological Association

Section on Sociology of Religion



I. The Louisville Institute

The Louisville Institute provides grants for research on religion in the United States, with particular attention to the situation of Protestantism, Catholicism, the historic African-American churches, and the Hispanic religious experience.

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II. ASA/NSF Small Grant Program

Although not specifically for religion, this grant is available to researchers in our subfield. The Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline, provided by ASA and the National Science Foundation, supports small, groundbreaking research initiatives and other important scientific research activities. Grants are meant to assist scholars with innovative research that has the potential for challenging the discipline, stimulating new lines of research, and creating new networks of scientific collaboration.

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III. Association for the Sociology of Religion

Applications are invited from scholars involved in promising sociological research on women in religion or on the intersection between religion and gender or religion and sexualities.  Typically, a total of $24,000 is available to be awarded annually, and this amount is usually distributed among several of the leading applications in the year’s competition. Dissertation research qualifies for funding, as does postdoctoral research by junior and senior scholars.

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IV. Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

Small grants from the Jack Shand Research Award Fund are made annually for projects on a wide range of topics in the social sciences of religion. Students may apply.

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V. Religious Research Association

The RRA offers the Constant H. Jacquet research award. Applied, client centered projects are given priority, but basic research is also funded. There is a one-year waiting period for new members who wish to apply for grants, except for students, for whom the waiting period is waived.

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VI. The Lilly Endowment

The goals of the Lilly Endowment’s Religion division are to deepen and enrich the religious lives of American Christians, primarily by helping to strengthen their churches; to support the recruitment and education of a new generation of talented ministers and other religious leaders; to encourage theological reflection and religious practices that recover the wisdom of the Christian tradition for our contemporary situation; to support scholars and educators who seek to help the American people to better understand contemporary religion and the role it plays in our public and personal lives; and to strengthen the contributions that religious ideas, practices, values and institutions make to the common good of our society. In all these ways, the Lilly Endowment Inc. seeks to support people and organizations striving to generate knowledge, communicate insights, nurture practices, and renew and sustain institutions that provide the religious resources upon which a flourishing and humane society depends.

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“Engaged Scholars Studying Congregations” is a program of mentoring, networking, and research support, now seeking its fourth cohort of young scholars for participation and support during the 2008-09 period. Participants are generally pre-tenure faculty, but leaders in religious institutions are encouraged to apply, as well. Sponsored by the Congregational Studies Project Team and funded by the Lilly Endowment, these fellowships provide an opportunity to hone research skills, build a network of colleagues and mentors, and gain financial support for a research project. Applications are due no later than February 1, 2008. Full details are included in the attached flyer.

VII. The Lake Institute on Faith & Giving

The Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, is offering its first Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship in the area of religion and philanthropy. This is a one year dissertation fellowship intended to encourage research in the area of faith and giving or religion and philanthropy.

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