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Calls for Nominations

Note: Please contact the Chair of each committee for how to go about submitting—do not submit without contacting the Chair of the appropriate award committee

Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award 2020 (for a book published from 2016-2019)

This award honors sociologists who have published works in the preceding two years that have made significant scholarly contributions to the history of sociology. Although the award is presented annually, awards for books are only considered in even-numbered years while articles are considered in odd-numbered years.  All publications submitted for consideration should be accompanied by a letter of nomination highlighting the publication’s general merits and its singular contribution to the history of sociology. Self-nominations are welcome if accompanied by a letter of support from another member of the ASA.  Members of the current Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award Committee are not eligible for this award while serving on the committee. Nominations must be received no later than March 15, 2020.  Authors must make sure that the members of the committee are supplied with copies of the book or article.  Nominees will be notified of the committee’s decision by the beginning of June 2020.
Committee Chair:  Roslyn Bologh, CUNY Graduate Center

Graduate Student Prize 2020

This award recognizes excellence in graduate student research in the field of history of sociology. Students who were actively enrolled (full- or part-time) in a graduate sociology program as of December 15, 2019 may submit one scholarly paper for consideration for this award. The submission may be an unpublished manuscript, an article submitted or accepted for publication, or a single chapter of a thesis or dissertation, and should address a theoretical or empirical problem central to the history of sociology. Members of the current award committee are ineligible for the award. The paper, along with a cover letter, must be submitted by email to all the members of the committee no later than March 15, 2020. Nominees will be notified of the committee's decision by the beginning of June 2020.
Committee Chair: Bradley Nash, Appalachian State University,

Career Achievement Award 2020

This award recognizes sociologists who have made outstanding contributions to the history of sociology throughout their career, or who have made groundbreaking innovations or produced significant bodies of scholarly work in the history of sociology. Nominees must be sociologists. Letters of nomination should highlight the nominee's outstanding innovation(s), career, and contributions to the history of sociology. Self-nominations are welcome if accompanied by a letter of support from another member of ASA. Members of the current Lifetime Achievement Award Committee are ineligible for the award. To nominate an individual, send a nomination letter, the nominee's CV, and samples of the nominee's work by email to all three members of the award committee (see below). Nominations must arrive no later than March 15, 2020. Nominees will be notified of the committee's decision by the beginning of June 2020.  
Committee Chair: David N. Smith, University of Kansas 





2018 Aldon Morris, Northwestern University

2017 Stephen P. Turner, University of South Florida

2016 Not given

2015 Hans Joas, University of Chicago

2014 Steven Lukes, New York University

2013 Donald N. Levine, University of Chicago

2012 Jennifer Platt, University of Sussex, Emeritus Professor of Sociology

2011 Charles Camic, Northwestern University

2010 John Galliher, University of Missouri

2009 Edward Tiryakian, Duke University

2008 Robert Alun Jones, University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign

2007 Guenther Roth

2006 Irving Louis Horowitz, Rutgers University

2005 Susan Hoecker-Drysdale, Professor Emerita, Concordia University and Retired Visiting Professor, Univeristy of Iowa, “for her outstanding career of scholarship and leadership in the History of Sociology”

2004 Jack Nusan Porter, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Founder and Publisher, Journal of the History of Sociology (1977-1982); Glenn Jacobs, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Founding Editor, Journal of the History of Sociology (1977-1982); Alan Sica, Pennsylvania State University , Editor and Publisher, Journal of the History of Sociology (1983-1987)

2003 Michael J. Hill



2018 Aldon Morris, Northwestern University, for his book The Scholar Denied: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Birth of Modern Sociology (University of California Press, 2015).

2017 Alvaro Santana-Acuña (Whitman College): “Social Monads, Not Social Facts: Gabriel Tarde’s Tool for Sociological Analysis,” in Cross-Currents in Disciplinary History, edited by Alex Law and Eric Royal Lybeck, Routledge 2016.

2016 Johan Heilbron (Université Paris-Sorbonne, France, and Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands): French Sociology. Cornell University Press.

2015 Not given

2014 Marcel Fournier (Université de Montréal): 2012. Emile Durkheim: A Biography. Polity Press; and David Swartz (Boston University): 2013. Symbolic Power, Politics, and Intellectuals: The Political Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu. The University of Chicago Press.

2013 Lawrence T. Nichols (University of West Virginia): "Sorokin as a Lifelong Russian Intellectual: The Enactment of a Historically Rooted Sensibility". The American Sociologist 43: 374-405.

2012 Lawrence A. Scaff (Wayne State University): 2012. Max Weber in America. Princeton University Press.

2011 Not given

2010 Filipe Carreira da Silva (University of Lisbon): Mead and Modernity: Science, Selfhood and Democratic Politics. Lexington Books.

2009 Mary Jo Deegan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln): 2008. Self, War, and Society: George Herbert Mead's Macrosociology. Transaction Publishers; Chad Alan Goldberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison): 2008. “Introduction to Emile Durkheim's ‘Anti-Semitism and Social Crisis,’” Sociological Theory 26, pp. 299-323.

2008 Mary Jo Deegan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln): 2006. “The Human Drama Behind the Study of People as Potato Bugs: The Curious Marriage of Robert E. Park and Clara Cahill Park.” Journal of Classical Sociology 6, pp.101-122.

2007 Craig Calhoun (ed.): 2007. Sociology in America: A History, University of Chicago Press.

2006 Anthony J. Blasi (Tennessee State University): 2005. Diverse Histories of American Sociology, Brill.

2005 Michael R. Hill and Mary Jo Deegan (eds.): 2004. Social Ethics: Sociology and the Future of Society by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Greenwood Publishing Group.

2004 Not given

2003 Mary Jo Deegan (University of Nebraska): 2002. Race, Hull House, and the University of Chicago, Praeger.



    2018 Dustin Stoltz (University of Notre Dame): “How to Become a Dominant Misinterpreted Source: the Case of Ferdinand de Saussure in Cultural Sociology.”

    2017 Taylor Paige Winfield (Princeton): “Rereading Durkheim in Light of Jewish Law: How a Rabbinic Thought-Model Shapes His Scholarship.” (Honorable Mention: Matthias Duller, University of Graz, Austria, “Regime and Sociology: A Comparative History of the Institutionalization of Sociology in Postwar Europe with QCA.”

    2016 Not given

    2015 Álvaro Santana-Acuña (Harvard University): "Outside Structures: Smithian Sentiments and Tardian Monads."

    2014 Ben Merriman (University of Chicago): "Three Conceptions of Spatial Locality in Chicago School Sociology (and Their Significance Today)"

    2013 B. Robert Owens (University of Chicago): "The Concept of Laboratory in Early American Sociology"

    2012 Daniel R. Huebner (University of Chicago): “William Jerusalem’s Sociology of Knowledge in the Dialogue of Ideas”

    2011 Bijan Warner (University of Chicago)

    2010 Marcus Hunter (Northwestern University): “A DuBoisian Urban Theoretical Framework? Reinterpreting W.E.B. DuBois’s The Philadelphia Negro”

    2009 Cristobal Young (Princeton University): "The Emergence of Sociology from Political Economy in the United States: 1890-1940"

    2008 Robin Das (Fordham University): "The Academic Marginalization of Werner Stark"

    2007 Not given

    2006 Johnathan Dirk VanAntwerpen (University of California-Berkeley): “Empiricism, Interactionism, and Epistemological Authority: reexamining Blumer’s Early Sociological Practice”

    2005 Ryan Light (Ohio State University): "Balkanized or Boundless: The Dynamic Idea Boundaries of American Sociology"

    2004 Michael DeCesare (University of Massachusetts): "Apathetic, Active or Antagonistic? A History of the American Sociological Association's Involvement in High School Sociology."

    2003 Ross E. Mitchell (University of Alberta): “Thorstein Veblen: Pioneer in Environmental Sociology"