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New Publications, 2019

Wrenn, C. L. 2019. “Discriminating Spirits: Cultural Source Theory and the Human-Nonhuman Boundary.Mortality. Online first.

Wrenn, C. L. 2019. “Atheism in the American Animal Rights Movement: An Invisible Majority.Environmental Values. Online first.

Wrenn, C. L. 2019. "Black Veganism and the Animality Politic." Society & Animals 27: 127-131. 

Wrenn, C. L. 2019. “For the Wild: Ritual and Commitment in Radical Eco-activismSocial Movement Studies. Online first.

New Publications, 2018

Wrenn, C. L. 2018. "Mobilizing food: A review of Building Nature’s Market." Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Online first.

Wrenn, C. L. 2018. "Free-Riders in the Nonprofit Industrial Complex: The Problem of Flexitarianism." Society & Animals. Online first.

Wrenn, C. L. 2018. “College Student Literacy of Food Animal Slaughter in the United States.” International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food 24 (2): 215-228.

Wrenn, C. L. 2018. "How to Help When It Hurts? Think Systemic." Animal Studies Journal 7 (1): 149-179.

Wrenn, C. L. 2018. "Pussy Grabs Back: Bestialized Sexual Politics and Intersectional Failure in Protest Posters for the 2017 Women’s March." Feminist Media Studies

Wrenn, C. L. 2018. "Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Factionalism in Animal Rights." Critical Mass 42 (2): 4-6.


New Publications, Fall 2017

Wrenn, C. L. 2017. "Trump Veganism: A Political Survey of American Vegans in the Era of Identity Politics" Societies 7 (4): 32.

Wrenn, C. L. 2017. "The Disney Nonhuman Princesses." Sex & Gender News Fall (November): 9-10.

Wrenn, C. L. 2017. Interview with Animal Concerns Texas, KTEP Radio El Paso


New Publications, Spring 2017

Wrenn, C. L. 2017. "Skeptics and “The White Stuff” Promotion of Cows’ Milk and Other Nonhuman Animal Products in the Skeptic Community as Normative Whiteness." Relations 5 (1): 73-81.
Wrenn, C. L. 2017. “The New Sociology of Species and Media: A Review.” Media, Culture & Society 40 (2): 307-310.



Award for Distinguished Scholarship Scholarship
Betsie Garner and David Grazian, "Naturalizing Gender through Childhood Socialization Messages in a Zoo." Social Psychology Quarterly 79(3) (2016): 181-198. (Garner is PhD Candidate and Grazian is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology the University of Pennsylvania)

Jane Goodall Award for Graduate Student Scholarship
Caleb Scoville, "Hydraulic Society and a 'Stupid Little Fish': Toward a Historical Ontology of the Nonhuman." (Doctoral Student at UC Berkely)

The Clifton Bryant Animals & Society Course Award
Jenny R. Vermilya, "Animals & Society" (Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Human Services at the University of North Georgia)


Palgrave Studies in Animals and Social Problems

Series editor: Leslie Irvine

This series focuses on how animals matter in social problems. Because animals are incor- porated into the economic, sociological, emotional, and moral fabric of society, their roles in social problems have wide-ranging implications. Cruelty to animals, animal fighting, pet prohibitions in rental housing, animal hoarding, wildlife crimes, the illegal traffic in endangered species, and zoonotic disease transmission represent just a few examples of social problems that this series might address. Contact Leslie Irvine if you would like to propose a book for the series.



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Award for Distinguished Scholarship: David Grazian, University of Pennsylvania, book title  "American Zoo: A Sociological Safari" 

Jane Goodall Award for Distinguished Graduate Student Scholarship: Andrea Laurent-Simpson, Texas Women’s University, for her unpublished manuscript “Extending Identity Theory: Parenting and Identity Formation in the Context of Human-Animal Relationships”

Clifton Bryant Animals & Society Course Award: Keri Brandt of Fort Lewis College for her class “Animals & Society” 



Amy Fitzgerald Wins Award:  Volume 1 of the Human-Animal Studies e-Newsletter published in January informed members of the Animals and Society Institute that Amy Fitzgerald was recently awarded the Meritorious Service Award for full time faculty at the University of Windsor for her accomplishments in teaching and research. This is pleasing news, so it is repeated here.



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