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Section on Animals and Society


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Last updated October, 2019

Animal Advocacy Conference

University of Kent
June 22-23, Canterbury, England
Symposium on scale of advocacy and local/grassroots activism to be organized by section chair, Corey Wrenn

The Animal Advocacy Conference brings together, for the first time, researchers from different fields in the social and behavioral sciences, and animal activists and advocates from around the world.

Learn about the latest ideas, findings and campaigns in the following domains:

  • The psychological, social, and societal factors shaping how we perceive and think about animals, human-animal relations, and animal welfare and rights
  • The impact of advocacy and activism strategies related to animal rights, veganism, meat reduction and reduction of other animal products (e.g., dairy, eggs)
  • The social and behavioral science of animal cruelty, meat consumption (and other animal-product consumption), vegetarianism/veganism, and speciesism
  • The connections and intersections between human-animal relations and human intergroup relations as well as between animal ethics and other social justice domains including environmentalism, feminism, and anti-racism

This conference uniquely bridges the gap between academic researchers and activists/professionals in the field of vegan and animal rights advocacy. We will create a stimulating environment where academics and activists/advocates exchange relevant knowledge, engage in lively debates, share their ideas, and can start collaborations.


Palgrave Studies in Animals and Social Problems

Series editor: Leslie Irvine

This series focuses on how animals matter in social problems. Because animals are incorporated into the economic, sociological, emotional, and moral fabric of society, their roles in social problems have wide-ranging implications. Cruelty to animals, animal fighting, pet prohibitions in rental housing, animal hoarding, wildlife crimes, the illegal traffic in endangered species, and zoonotic disease transmission represent just a few examples of social problems that this series might address. Contact Leslie Irvine if you would like to propose a book for the series.