American Sociological Association

Science, Knowledge, and Technology

The purpose of the Section on Science, Knowledge, and Technology (SKAT) is to promote scholarly research and professional activity relating to sociology, science, knowledge, and technology.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Laurel Smith-Doerr, University of Massachusetts-Amherst 2020
Chair-Elect: Aaron Panofsky, University of California-Los Angeles 2020
Past Chair: Alondra Nelson, Institute for Advanced Study 2020
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Claire Laurier Decoteau, University of Illinois, Chicago 2020
Student Representative: Emily Vasquez, Columbia University 2020
Student Representative: Renee Marie Shelby, Georgia Institute of Technology 2021

Section Council

Timothy L. O'Brien, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2020
Janet Vertesi, Princeton University 2020
Katherine Weatherford Darling, University of Maine at Augusta 2021
Joanna Kempner, Rutgers University 2021
Alka Menon, Yale University 2022
Kevin M. Moseby, Drexel University 2022

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