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Latina/o Sociology

The purpose of the Section on Latina/Latino Sociology (SLS) is to encourage and promote empirical research, theoretical development, and the teaching of issues relating to the Latina and Latino population, particularly in but not only the United States. The terms Latina and Latino are used to designate all individuals or groups of individuals who are identified or self-identity with the racial/ethnic membership attributed to Latin American origin and/or ancestry. Any member of the American Sociological Association who shares these research or teaching interests is encouraged to become a member of this section.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Ruth E. Zambrana, University of Maryland 2020
Past Chair: Elizabeth M. Aranda, University of South Florida 2020
Chair-Elect: Jose Itzigsohn, Brown University 2020
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Elizabeth Vaquera, The George Washington University 2020
Student Representative: Karina Santellano, University of Southern California 2021

Section Council

Laura E. Enriquez, University of California-Irvine 2021
René D. Flores, University of Chicago 2022
Angela S. Garcia, University of Chicago 2021
San Juanita García, University of California, Santa Barbara 2022
Joanna B. Perez, California State University-Dominguez Hills 2020
Daisy Isabel Verduzco Reyes, University of Connecticut 2020

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