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International Migration

The purpose of the Section on International Migration is to stimulate, promote, and reward the development of original theory and research on international migration. By providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information, the Section aims to contribute to scholarly collaboration and to a comprehensive understanding of the causes and consequences of international migration, including the incorporation of immigrants in receiving societies.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Ruben Hernandez-Leon, University of California-Los Angeles 2020
Chair-Elect: Irene H.I. Bloemraad, University of California, Berkeley 2020
Past Chair: Cecilia Menjivar, University of California-Los Angeles 2020
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Pawan H. Dhingra, Amherst College 2022
Student Representative: Christopher Maggio, City University of New York-Graduate Center 2020

Section Council

David A. Cook-Martín, New York University, Abu Dhabi 2020
Joanna Dreby, University at Albany, State University of New York 2020
Amy Hsin, Queens College, CUNY 2021
Jennifer A. Jones, University of Illinois at Chicago 2021
Asad L. Asad, Stanford University 2022
Angela S. Garcia, University of Chicago 2022

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