American Sociological Association

Evolution, Biology, and Society

The purpose of the Section on Evolution, Biology and Society is to create an institutional base within Sociology for a group of scientists with a common stock of knowledge and evolutionary theory and relevant research findings who can constructively critique new research in the area.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Russell K. Schutt, University of Massachusetts-Boston 2020
Chair-Elect: Rosemary L. Hopcroft, UNC Charlotte 2020
Past Chair: Dudley L. Poston, Jr., Texas A&M University 2020
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Hexuan Liu, University of Cincinnati 2022

Section Council

Rosemary L. Hopcroft, UNC Charlotte 2020
Kenneth C. Land, Duke University 2020
Joseph C. Dippong, University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2021
Kevin John McCaffree, University of North Texas 2021
Dawn T. Robinson, University of Georgia 2021
Matthew E. Brashears, University of South Carolina-Columbia 2022
Rengin Bahar Firat, University of California, Riverside 2022

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