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Environmental Sociology

The Section on Environmental Sociology promotes research and professional activities that explore the relationships between social systems and the ecosphere, including interdisciplinary work that explores interactions within and between institutions, social groups, and natural and built environments. Environmental Sociology also includes study of the origins and impacts of technology, the social causes of environmental change, the environmental causes of social change, and the consequences of social inequalities and power relationships for socio-environmental dynamics. 


Section Officers & Council


Chair: Jill Lindsey Harrison, University of Colorado-Boulder 2020
Chair-Elect: Rachael Shwom, Rutgers University 2020
Past Chair: Kari Marie Norgaard, University of Oregon 2020
Section Treasurer: Lori M. Hunter, University of Colorado-Boulder 2020
Section Secretary: Hannah A. Holleman, Amherst College 2021
Section Nominations Committee Chair: Tracy Perkins, Howard University 2020
Section Memb Cmte Chair: Raoul Salvador Lievanos, University of Oregon 2021
Policy and Research Committee Chair: John Aloysius Zinda, Cornell University 2020
Section Publications Committee Chair: Joshua Sbicca, Colorado State University 2020
Section Teaching Cmte Chair: Janet A. Lorenzen, Willamette University 2021
Digital Communications Committee Co-Chair: Nathan Charles Lindstedt, Washington State University 2020
Digital Communications Committee Co-Chair: Justin Sean Myers, CSU Fresno 2020
Student Representative: Apollonya Maria Porcelli, Brown University 2020

Section Council

Emily Huddart Kennedy, University of British Columbia 2020

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