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Retirement Network Listserv

The listserv was launched in April and is open to all members of the ASA Retirement Network (ASARN) and other interested ASA members. (However, one may opt out of participation in the listserv and still remain an ASARN member.)

So far, the list has generated lively discussions and has connected many folks with old friends and former students, professors, and colleagues. Several interest groups have emerged from these discussions, including one led by Art Shostak on research about retirement communities.

Some participants have called for activism on a variety of issues, including inequality and the situation of adjunct faculty. Although some of these concerns are tangential to the primary purposes of ASARN, the list can serve as a means to connect those with similar interests.

In the near future, we plan to open a blog and to work on additional ways to facilitate a greater ease of social networking.

Joining the Listserv

ASARN has a discussion listserv, which all retired members may join. The listserv has already generated lively discussion on a variety of topics, as well as serving as "connection" to old friends and colleagues. To join the listserv you can do the following:

  • Send a message to
  • Leave the subject field blank
  • In the body of the message, delete all signatures and other text (this confuses the listserv)
  • Copy and paste the following in the body of the email: subscribe ASA_RETIREMENT your name (example: subscribe ASA_RETIREMENT Jane Doe)
  • Send the message
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation with further instructions.

If you have any questions about ASARN, you can contact:

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