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Activities for the 2018 ASA Annual Meeting

ORN will hold several sessions at the 2018 ASA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, August 11-14, 2018, each to be held on Monday, August 13. We hope to see you there!

Workshop: Caring for the Aging as We Age: Living with and Processing our Experiences as Sociologists
Monday, August 13, 10:30 a.m.-12:10 p.m.
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Room 404 (Level 4)
Organizer and Leader: Roberta M. Spalter-Roth (American Sociological Association)
Panelists: Patricia Drentea (University of Alabama-Birmingham), Beth E. Schneider (University of California-Santa Barbara), Elinore E. Lurie, and Linda L. Marston (Springfield College)

Invited Session. Life After Formal Retirement
Monday, August 13, 4:30-6:10 p.m.
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 104A (Level 100)
Organizers: Jonathan H. Turner (University of California-Santa Barbara) and Ronald E. Anderson (University of Minnesota)
Panelists: Glen H. Elder (University of North Carolina), Amitai Etzioni (George Washington University), Cora B. Marrett (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Edward J. Lawler (Cornell University)

"A Life in Sociology" Lecture and Reception in Honor of Carroll L. Estes
Monday, August 13, 6:30-8:10 p.m.
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 104A (Level 100)

The "Life in Sociology" lecture is the highlight of the ORN activities. This year, ORN is proud and honored to have Carroll L. Estes (University of California-San Francisco) speak about her life in sociology. Dr. Estes is Emerita Professor of Sociology at the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) where she founded and directed the Institute for Health & Aging (1979-1998), and chaired the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences in the School of Nursing (1981-1992). She has contributed more than two decades to non-profit policy research and advocacy on Capitol Hill and nationally. Her publications address the economic and health security of women and vulnerable populations across the life course, and the place of social insurance, social movements and resistance politics surrounding Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, long term care, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Credited as a founding scholar of the "political economy of aging" and "critical gerontology," her current focus is on advancing critical and emancipatory theory, research, practice, and policy. For additional information on these or other 2018 Annual Meeting program sessions and activities, see the online meeting program.


For additional information on these or other 2018 Annual Meeting program sessions and activities, see the online meeting program.


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