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ORN Member Publications Directory 2017-2018

Full NamePub TypePub RolePublication TitlePublication Date
Jonathan H. TurnerBookAuthorThe New Evolutionary Sociology: Recent and Revitalized Theoretical and Methodological Approaches2018
Marion BluteBook ChapterAuthor"The Evolutionary Approach to History: Sociocultural Phylogenetics" in The Oxford Handbook of Evolution, Biology, and Society2018
Harry PerlstadtBook ChapterAuthor"Applied Sociology and Sociotechnics", Cambridge Handbook of Sociology: Specialty and Interdisciplinary Studies Vol. 2May 2018
Mildred A. SchwartzBookAuthorThe Rise and Fall of Moral Conflicts in the United States and CanadaSpring 2018
Edith W. KingWeb Site ArticleAuthor"Guns in Schools: Issues for Research" published on 2018
William FeigelmanBook IntroductionAuthorBook Forward for Families Bereaved by Alcohol or Drugs: Experiences, Coping and SupportJanuary 2018
William FeigelmanJournal ArticleAuthor"Suicide Exposures and Bereavement Among American Adults: Evidence from the 2016 General Social Survey" in Journal of Affective Disorders Vol. 227February 2018
Scott McNallBookAuthorCultural of Defiance and Resistance: Social Movements in 21st-Century AmericaFebruary 2018
Thomas MooreJournal ArticleAuthor"Occupational Career Change and Gender Wage Inequality" in Work and Occupations Vol. 45 No. 1February 2018
Kathy CharmazBook ChapterAuthor"Evolving Grounded Theory and Social Justice Inquiry" in Handbook of Qualitative Research 5th editionJanuary 2018
Barbara ChasinBook ChapterAuthor"Inequality and Violence" in Teaching Inequality and Capitalism in Contemporary AmericaJanuary 2018
Maryann LamannaTextbookAuthorMarriages, Families and Relationships: Making Choices in a Diverse Society 13th editionJanuary 2018
Maryann LamannaJournal ArticleAuthor"Three Novels of Terrorism: Explorations in the Politics of Literature" in International Review of Sociology onlineJanuary 2018
William FeigelmanJournal ArticleAuthor"Disclosure in traumatic deaths as correlates of differential mental health outcomes" in Death Studies Dec. 2017December 2017
Marion GoldmanBookAuthorThe Spritual Virtuoso: Personal Faith and Social TransformationDecember 2017
Arthur ShostakJournalBook ReviewerHolocaust Memory Reframed by Jennifer Hansen Glucklich in The European Legacy Vol. 23 No. 3December 2017
Kathy CharmazJournalBook ReviewerReview of Chronic Illness, Vulnerability and Social Work book by Liz Price and Liz Walker in Sociology of Health & Illness Vol. 39 No. 8November 2017
William D'AntonioNewspaper ArticleAuthor"US Catholics Weigh In on 2016 Election in New Survey" in the National Catholic ReporterNovember 2017
John FarleyTextbookAuthorSociology 7th EditionOctober 2017
Jerry LembckeNewspaperOp-Ed"The Myth of the Spitting Anti-War Protestor" in The New York TimesOctober 2017
Barbara AltmanBookAuthorFactors in Studying Employment for Persons with Disability: How the Picture can Change Vol. 10September 2017
Kathy CharmazNewsletterInterviewInterview with a Scholar: Kathy Charmaz, 2017 Reeder Award Winner in Medical Sociology Newsletter Vol. 54 No. 1September 2017
William FeigelmanBookAuthor"Priorities for suicide survivor support groups: A comparison between Japan and the US"September 2017
Robert StebbinsJournal ArticleAuthor"Self-Directed Learning as a Basis for Complex Leisure" in Loisir et Société Vol. 40 No. 3 September 2017
Robert StebbinsBook ChapterAuthor"The Sociology of Leisure and Recreation" in The Cambridge Handbook of Sociology Vol. 2September 2017
Jonathan H. TurnerBookAuthorThe Emergence and Evolution of Religion: By Means of Natural SelectionAugust 2017
Kathy CharmazJournal ArticleAuthor"Theorizing the Social and Psycnological Process of Living with Parkinsons Disease" in Qualitative Health Research Vol. 27 No. 7August 2017
Laura KramerJournal ArticleBook ReviewerReview of "Pathways, Potholes, and the Persistence of Women in Science: Reconsidering the Pipeline" in Gender and Society Vol. 31 No. 4August 2017
Stella QuahJournal ArticleAuthor"Partnership: The missing link in the process of de-institutionalization of mental health care" in International Journal of Health Services Vol. 47 No. 3July 2017
D.L. AltheideBookAuthorTerrorism and the Politics of Fear (2nd ed.).June 2017
Kathy CharmazJournal ArticleAuthor"Continuities, Contradictions, and Critical Inquiry in Grounded Theory" in International Journal of Qualitative Methods Vol. 16June 2017
James PetersenJournal ArticleAuthor"Writing Sociology, Personal Reflections on What the Arts Can Teach Us" in The American Sociologist Vol. 48June 2017
Arthur ShostakBookAuthorStealth Altruism: Forbidden Care as Jewish Resistance in the HolocaustJune 2017
David ArmorJournal ArticleAuthor"Spurious Relationships Arising from Aggregate Variables in Linear Regression" in Quality and Quantity Vol. 51 No. 3May 2017
Henry FischerBook ChapterAuthor"The Impact of Sociology on One Man's Life", Journeys in SociologyMay 2017
Howard IamsJournal ArticleAuthor"The Importance of Social Security Benefits to the Income of the Aged Population" in Social Security Bulletin Vol. 77 No. 2May 2017
Howard IamsJournal ArticleAuthor"Differences Across Earnings Groups and Implications for Retirement Security" in Social Security Bulletin Vol. 77 No. 2May 2017
Thomas Van ValeyJournal ArticleAuthor"Approaches to Diversity Education: A Critical Assessment" in Humboldt Journal of Social Relations May 2017May 2017
Wendell BellBook ChapterAuthor"Toward a Sociology of the Future" in Journeys in Sociology: From First Encounters to Fulfilling RetirementsMarch 2017
Judith BlauJournal ArticleAuthor"Human Rights Matter" in Sociological Forum Vol. 32 No. 1March 2017
Marion BluteJournal ArticleAuthor"Three Modes of Evolution by Natural Selection and Drift: A New Or an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis?" in Biological Theory Vol. 12 No. 2March 2017
Kathy CharmazJournal ArticleAuthor"Subjective Stories and Social Issues: Strategies for Making Connections" in Qualitative Methods in Psychology Bulletin Vol. 23March 2017
James PetersenResearch PaperAuthor"The Central Role of the Director of Graduate Studies: Ten Years of Data from a Mid-Sized Public University"February 2017
Ronald AndersonBookAuthorAlleviating World Suffering: The Challenge of Negative Quality of LifeJanuary 2017
Ronald AndersonOnline BlogAuthorwww.worldsuffering.orgJanuary 2017
Judith BlauBookAuthorHuman Rights of the People, for the People: How to Critique and Revise the US ConstitutionJanuary 2017
Judith BlauBookAuthorThe Paris Agreement: Climate Change, Solidarity and Human RightsJanuary 2017
Kathy CharmazBook ChapterAuthor"Grounded Theory in Psychology" in Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology 2nd editionJanuary 2017
Kathy CharmazJournal ArticleAuthor"The Power of Constructivist Ground Theory for Critical Inquiry" in Qualitative Inquiry Vol. 23 No. 1January 2017
Kathy CharmazEssayAuthorItalian translation of Anselm Strauss, Mirrors and Masks: The Search for IdentityJanuary 2017
Vicky DemosBookEditorEditors of Gender Panic, Gender Policy Advanced in Gender Research Vol. 24January 2017
James HenslinTextbookAuthorSociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach 14th editionJanuary 2017
Howard IamsJournalAuthor"The distributional Impact of social security policy options: An Analysis of Divorced and Widowed Women" in Research on Aging Vol. 39 No. 1January 2017
Stella QuahBook ChapterAuthor"Health-related stigma", International Encyclopedia of Public Health 2nd editionJanuary 2017
Stella QuahBookEditor in ChiefInternational Encyclopedia of Public Health. 2nd EditionJanuary 2017
Stella QuahBook ChapterAuthor"Historical and socio-cultural context of psychoactive substance use" in International Encyclopedia of Public Health 2nd editionJanuary 2017
Stella QuahBook ChapterAuthor"Social dimensions of epidemics", International Encyclopedia of Public Health 2nd editionJanuary 2017
Stella QuahBook ChapterAuthor"Illicit psychoactive substance use and harm prevention", International Encyclopedia of Public Health 2nd editionJanuary 2017
Arthur ShostakJournalBook ReviewerSurviving the Camps by Paul Bartrop in The European Legacy Vol. 22 No. 3January 2017
Arthur ShostakJournalBook ReviewerHannah Arendt and the Limits of Total Domination, by Michal Aharony in The European Legacy Vol. 22 No. 3January 2017
Robert StebbinsBookAuthorLeisure Activities in Context: A Micro-Macro/Agency Structure Interpretation of LeisureJanuary 2017
Robert StebbinsBookAuthorLeisure's Legacy: Challenging the Common Sense View of Free TimeJanuary 2017
Robert StebbinsBookAuthorFrom Humility to Hubris among Scholars and Politicians: Exploring Expressions of Self-Esteem and AchievementJanuary 2017
Robert StebbinsBook ChapterAuthor"Leisure Music Production: Its Spaces and Places" in Oxford Handbook of Music Making and LeisureJanuary 2017

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