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Opportunities in Retirement Network Bylaws

Proposed Bylaws Changes

ASA Opportunities in Retirement Network (ASA-ORN)

Official Bylaws

ARTICLE I:  Organization

The name of the organization shall be American Sociological Association Opportunities in Retirement Network (ASA-ORN).

ARTICLE II:  Purposes

ASA-ORN exists to:

  • Promote retention of ASA members as they transition from full-time work to retirement.
  • Promote interaction and a sense of community among retired members.
  • Promote interaction between retired members and other members at all career stages.
  • Lessen the sense of isolation felt by some retired members.
  • Provide the means for sharing information about opportunities in teaching, research, and other activities that would benefit from the expertise of retired sociologists.
  • Provide the means for sharing information about other issues of concern to retirees, such as financial security, health care, and relocation possibilities.
  • Serve as a resource for the regional ORNs that already exist or are being established at the Eastern, Midwest, Pacific, and other sociological societies.
  • Promote the development of standards for good institutional practices for retirees.

ARTICLE III:  Membership

All current ASA members in the Emeritus/Retired category are automatically included in ASA-ORN and may vote in ASA-ORN elections.  Any other ASA member interested in retirement and retirement-related issues is welcome to participate in meetings and activities of ASA-ORN but is not eligible to vote in ASA-ORN elections. 

ARTICLE IV:  Elected Advisory Board

All members of the Advisory Board must hold an ASA membership during their term of service.  The Board shall consist of seven (7) members. To help ensure some continuity, as well as some new perspectives, and to accommodate the varied abilities of individuals to commit to multiple years of service, Board members shall serve staggered terms.

The first elected Board will serve for one year, with three (3) members designated to complete their terms at the end of that period; the remaining four (4) members will serve for an additional year.  Thereafter, all board members will serve two (2) year terms.  Three (3) board members shall be elected after the initial one year term, and four (4) board members shall be elected the following year. There shall be no limit to the number of terms anyone may serve.

At least five (5) members of the Advisory Board shall be Emeritus/Retired category ASA members.

The elected board shall select by consensus one member to be the Chair, one to be the Co-Chair, and one to be the Secretary-Treasurer for the term of their office.

If an Advisory Board member is unable, or unwilling, to complete an elected term for any reason, the remaining board members may appoint by consensus a replacement to complete the affected term of service.

The duties of the Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, and other Board members are as follows:


  1. Conduct the annual business meeting.
  2. Serve as the primary contact point for ASA-ORN.
  3. Ensure the timely planning and occurrence of each of the elements approved by the ASA Council.


  1. Conduct the duties of the Chair whenever the Chair is unable to act in his or her appointed capacity.
  2. Chair the nominating committee to recruit candidates to fill Board positions.


  1. Develop, in consultation with the Chair and other Advisory Board members, and submit to the appropriate staff person at ASA, an annual operating budget.
  2. Take and distribute minutes at the annual business meeting.

All Board Members

Board members shall volunteer or be appointed by the Chair to address the required elements of the organization as follows:

  1. Two members shall organize and conduct the professional development workshop at the annual ASA meeting.
  2. Two members shall organize and conduct the paper presentation session at the annual ASA meeting.
  3. After consultation with other members of the Advisory Board, two members plus the Chair shall propose to the Board a distinguished retired sociologist to be the invited speaker for the lecture at the annual business meeting. They shall also have the responsibility for securing funding for any reception held in conjunction with the lecture.
  4. One member, in consultation with the Chair, shall take primary responsibility for editing and submitting each of the two electronic newsletters each year (one in early summer, before the annual meeting, and one in winter).
  5. One member, in consultation with the Chair, shall be responsible for recruiting an author or acting as the author of an article for Footnotes at least once a year.
  6. One member, in consultation with the Chair and with the ASA staff person responsible for publications, shall take responsibility for keeping the ORN web page updated.
  7. All Board members will serve as the nominating committee to compile a slate of members to fill open positions on the Board.  The Co-Chair will chair this process. 

ARTICLE V:  Elections

Online nominations (publicized in the newsletter and on the listserv) for open terms shall be completed by December 31 of the year preceding the election. The election shall be carried out by online balloting in accordance with the American Sociological Association's procedures and schedule. Newly elected Advisory Board members shall assume office at the next ASA-ORN business meeting.

The Co-Chair shall compile a slate of candidates for all open Board positions and prepare a ballot, to be distributed by ASA, each year in which an election is needed.

ARTICLE VI:  Meetings

A general membership meeting will take place each year at the annual ASA meeting.  In addition, the ASA-ORN Advisory Board will meet prior to the general meeting each year.  The presence of five (5) members shall constitute a quorum at the Advisory Board meeting.  Between meetings, business of the Advisory Board will be conducted by email and/or telephone.

ARTICLE VII:  Amendments to the Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended through a favorable majority vote of those voting at an ASA-ORN Business Meeting, provided this action is subsequently confirmed through a favorable majority vote of those voting by a mail ballot of the ORN membership.

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