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Annual Meeting Planning: Allocation and Assigned Session Days

Session Allocations

For the purpose of Annual Meeting slot allocation for the 2021 Annual Meeting, the Sections Committee has approved using 2019 membership numbers to allot programming slots. A section will not lose any slots in 2021 if membership declines from 2019 levels. If a section membership grows and reaches the level needed to gain an additional slot, it will be granted. 

The number of sessions a section receives at the annual meeting is based on their membership count taken on September 30, the end of the membership year. Sections meeting on the last day are allotted one additional session. Sections are also allotted a session for holding a council/business meeting.

Number of Members in a SectionNumber of Sessions Earned
Less than 3001

2021 Session Day Assignments

116th Annual Meeting
August 7-10, 2021
Chicago, IL

All Section program sessions and Council/Business meetings are assigned to specific days following a four-year rotation schedule. Sections whose sessions outnumber the time slots available on their assigned day will have sessions scheduled on adjacent days.

Day 1
Saturday, August 7

Animals and Society
Collective Behavior and Social Movements
Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology
Evolution, Biology, and Society
International Migration
Medical Sociology
Political Economy of the World-System
Race, Gender, and Class
Sociology of Body and Embodiment
Sociology of Consumers and Consumption
Sociology of Development
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Emotions

Day 2
Sunday, August 8

Aging and the Life Course
Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity
Asia and Asian America
Children and Youth
Crime, Law, and Deviance
Economic Sociology
Global and Transnational Sociology
Labor and Labor Movements
Marxist Sociology
Social Psychology
Sociology of Culture
Teaching and Learning in Sociology

Day 3
Monday, August 9

Community and Urban Sociology
Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
History of Sociology
Latina/o Sociology
Mathematical Sociology
Political Sociology
Science, Knowledge, and Technology
Sociology of Human Rights
Sociology of Law
Sociology of Mental Health
Sociology of Population
Sociology of Sex and Gender

Day 4
Tuesday, August 10

Comparative-Historical Sociology
Disability in Society
Drugs and Society
Environmental Sociology
Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility
Organizations, Occupations, and Work
Peace, War, and Social Conflict
Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Rationality and Society
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of Sexualities
Sociological Practice and Public Sociology

2022 Session Day Assignments

In response to member concerns about overlapping section programming, the Committee on Sections approved a regrouping of sections based on an analysis of section membership data. The following is a revised grouping approach to limit overlapping interests on the same day that will take effect for the 2022 Annual Meeting. The new groupings are below with shifts noted. Visit the 2022 Section Day Assignments web page.

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