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For Section Leaders

Information and resources including manuals, schedules, and forms to help section officers fulfill their responsibilities as a section leader. 

Materials and Resources for Sections Leaders

Annual Meeting Planning: Allocation and Assigned Session Days
Annual Report 
Awards Guide for Sections
Election Information, Guidelines, and Timeline
Membership Count: Current and History
New Financial Report Sample
Sections Manual 
Starting a Section Journal or Sponsoring a Book/Book Series
Website Editing Guide

Payment / Reimbursement / Check Request Form

Reimbursement, award check, or invoice payment requests must be approved by both the section chair and secretary/treasurer. Simply send a completed Payment / Reimbursement / Check Request Form along with invoices or receipts to with a CC to the chair and secretary/treasurer. The Chair and Secretary/Treasurer simply needs to reply to the email with their approval. (All email addresses must match the address on record with your ASA membership.) Once all parties have approved the transaction, checks will be processed and mailed in the next check run (approximately the 5th and 20th of each month).

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