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Teaching and Learning Section Awards Recipients History

The Section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology Section’s Carla B. Howery Award for Developing Teacher-Scholars

2018: Edward Kain, Southwestern University

2017: Mindy Stombler, Georgia State University

2016: Mary Nell Trautner, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

2015: Helen A. Moore, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

2012: Michael Schwartz, State University of New York, Stony Brook

2010: Maxine P. Atkinson, North Carolina State University

2009: Bernice Pescosolido and Brian Powell, Indiana University


Graduate Student Contribution to the Sociological Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award

2019: Alyssa Gillis, University of North Carolina

2018: Daniel Bartholomay, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


The Section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology Section’s Hans O. Mauksch Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Sociology

This Award was established in 1979 as the Contributions to Teaching Award. This award was named for Hans O. Mauksch in 1982.

2019: Michele Lee Kozimor-King, Elizabethtown College

2018: Susan J. Ferguson, Grinnell College

2017: Meg Wilkes Karraker, University of St. Thomas

2016: Melinda Messineo, Ball State University

2015: Kathleen S. Lowney, Valdosta State University

2014: Stephen S. Sweet, Ithaca College

2013: Betsy Lucal, Indiana University South Bend

2012: Jeff Chin, Le Moyne College

2011: Nancy Greenwood, Indiana University, Kokomo

2010: John F. Zipp, University of Akron

2009: Diane Pike, Augsburg College

2008: Jay Howard, Butler University

2007: Maxine Atkinson, North Carolina State University

2006: Bernice Pescosolido, Indiana University

2005: Gregory Weiss, Roanoke College

2004: Elizabeth Grauerholz, Purdue University

2003: Catherine Berheide, Skidmore College

2002: Carol Jenkins, Glendale Community College

2001: H. Reed Geersten, Utah State University

2000: Keith A. Roberts, Hanover College

1999: Thomas L. Van Valey, Western Michigan University

1998: Anne W. Martin, Edmonds Community College

1997: Edward L. Kain, Southwestern University

1996: Kathleen McKinney, Illinois State University

1994: J. Michael Brooks, Washington State University

1993: Stephen Steele, Anne Arundel Community College

1992: Kathleen S. Crittenden, University of Illinois, Chicago

1991: Frederick Campbell, University of Washington, Seattle

1990: Caroline Hodges Persell, New York University

1989: Charles S. Green III, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

1988: Dean S. Dorn, California State University, Sacramento

1987: Charlotte Vaughan, Cornell College, Iowa

1986: Jeanne H. Ballantine, Wright State University

1985: John Shope, Salisbury State College, William Brown, University of Central Florida, and Burton Wright, University of Central Florida. Award presented collectively to the key faculty members of 1985 ASA Honors Program

1984: Theodore Wagenaar, Miami University

1983: Paul J. Baker, Illinois State University 

1982: Reece McGee, Purdue University

1981: Charles Goldsmid, Pomona College, and Lawrence J. Rhodes, NIMH

1980: Hans K. Mausch, University of Missouri, Columbia. Founder of Section on Undergraduate Education

1979: Richard Gelles, University of Rhode Island, and Murray Straus, University of New Hampshire. In recognition of their founding of Teaching Sociology


The Section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology Section’s Scholarly Contributions to Teaching and Learning Award

2019: Maxine Atkinson, North Carolina State University, and Kathleen Lowney, Valdosta State University, In the Trenches: Teaching and Learning Sociology. W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 2014. 

2018: Mary Scheuer Senter, Central Michigan University

2016: Jay R. Howard, Butler University, and Carol A. Jenkins, Glendale Community College, Arizona

2015: Nancy Greenwood, Indiana University, Kokomo

2014: Daniel Chambliss, Hamilton College

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