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Sociology of Sexualities Award Recipient History

The Section on the Sociology of Sexualities' Best Graduate Student Paper Award

2020: Minwoo Jung. "Quiet Politics: Queer Organizing in Corporate Singapore"

2020 Honorable Mention: Nisarg Mehta. “In search of a ‘gay atmosphere’: emplacing sexual boundary-work.”

2019: Niina Vuolajarvi, Rutgers University, “Governing in the Name of Caring—the Nordic Model of Prostitution and its Punitive Consequences for Migrants Who Sell Sex”

2018: Emma Mishel, New York University, "Discrimination against Queer Women in the U.S. Workforce: A Résumé Audit Study"

2017: Jody Ahlm, “Respectable Promiscuity: Digital Cruising in an Era of Queer Liberalism,” Sexualities 20(3):364-379. 2017. 

2016: Sarah A. Miller, “'How You Bully a Girl': Sexual Drama and the Negotiation of Gendered Sexuality in High School,” Gender & Society 30(5):721-744. 2016. 

2015: Jay Borchert, “A New Iron Closet: Failing to Extend Lawrence v. Texas to Prisons and Prisoners”

2014: Rafael Colonna, University of California, Berkeley, “Avoiding Playground Liabilities: Coming Out Strategies and Stigma Management in LGBT Families with Children”

2014: Trevor Hoppe, University of Michigan, “Controlling Sex in the Name of ‘Public Health’: Social Control and Michigan HIV Law,” Social Problems 60(1):27-49. 2013. 

2013: David Pedulla, “The Positive Consequences of Negative Stereotypes: Race, Sexual Orientation, and the Job Application Process,” Social Psychology Quarterly 77(1):75-94. 2014. 

2012: Kelsy Burke, University of Pittsburg, “Making ‘Bad’ Sex ‘Good’: Gender and Sexual Boundaries on Christian Sexuality Websites”

2012: Abigail Ocobock, University of Chicago, “The Power and Limits of Marriage: Married Gay Men’s Family Relationships,” Journal of Marriage and Family 75(1):191-205. 2013. 

2011: Kimberly Kay Hoang, University of California, Berkeley, “‘She’s Not a Low-Class Dirty Girl!’: Sex Work in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 40(4):367-396. 2011.

2010: Marcus Hunter, Northwestern University, "All the Gays Are White and All the Blacks Are Straight: Black Gay Identity and Community," Sexuality Research & Social Policy 7(2):81-92. 2010.

2009: Anthony Christian Ocampo, University of California, Los Angeles, “Making Masculinity: Negotiations of Gender Presentation among Latino Men," Latino Studies 10(4):448-472. 2012.

2009 Honorable Mention: Catherine Connell, University of Texas, Austin, “Dangerous Disclosures: How Occupational Context Shapes Gay and Lesbian Teachers’ Presentations of Self”

2008: Laura Hamilton, Indiana University, Bloomington, “Trading on Heterosexuality: College Women’s Gender Strategies and Homophobia,” Gender & Society 21(2):145-172. 2007. 

2008: Tom Waidzunas, University of California, San Diego, “Young, Gay, and Suicidal: The Troubled Project of Defining a Social Problem with Statistics,” Science, Technology, & Human Values 37(2):199-225. 2012.

2007: Karl Bryant, University of California, Santa Barbara, “In Defense of Gay Children?: ‘Progay’ Homophobia and the Production of Homonormativity," Sexualities 11(4):455-475. 2008.

2007: Eran Shor, State University of New York, Stonybrook, “Incest Avoidance, the Incest Taboo, and Social Cohesion: Revisiting Westermarck and the Case of the Israeli Kibbutzim,” American Journal of Sociology 114(6):1803-1842. 2009.

2005: Eve Shapiro, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Drag Kinging and the Transformation of Gender Identities," Gender & Society 21(2):250-271. 2007.

2004: Eric Anderson, University of California, Irvine, “Disentangling Sexuality from Masculinity”

2003: Tasleem Juana Padamsee, University of Michigan, “Medicine and Inequality in the Welfare State: AIDS Policy-Making in the United States and the United Kingdom"

2002: Meika E. Loe, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Sex and the Senior Woman: Pleasure and Danger in the Viagra Era,” Sexualities 7(3):303-326. 2004.

2002: Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, Graduate Center, City University of New York, “Sexuality, Gender, and Race: LGBTs at the Crossroads of Santeria Religious Practices and Beliefs”

2001: Adam Isaiah Green, New York University, “Monogamists, Playboys, and Uninvited Guests: The Role of Institutions in Heterosexual and Homosexual Careers”


Section on the Sociology of Sexualities Distinguished Article Award

2020: Theodore Greene,  "Aberrations of 'Home': Gay Neighborhoods and the Experience of Community among GBQ Men of Color" in The Handbook of Research on Black Males: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Multidisciplinary. Theodore S. Ransaw, C.P. Gause, and Richard Majors, Eds. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press. 2019.

2020 Honorable Mention: Ryan Stillwagon and Amin Ghaziani, "Queer Pop Ups: A Cultural Innovation in Urban Life." City & Community, 18(3); 874-895. 2019.

2020 Honorable Mention: Valerie Jenness, Lori Sexton, and Jennifer Sumner, "Sexual victimization against transgender women in prison: Consent and coercion in context." Criminology, 57; 603-631. 2019.

2019: Vrushali Patel, Florida International University, “The Heterosexual Matrix as Imperial Effect,” Sociological Theory 36(1):1-26. 2018.

2017: Tony J. Silva, “Bud-Sex: Constructing Normative Masculinity Among Rural Straight Men that Have Sex With Men,” Gender & Society 31(1):51-73. 2017.

2017: Simon Cheng and Brian Powell, "Measurement, Methods, and Divergent Patterns: Reassessing the Effects of Same-Sex Parents,” Social Science Research 52:615-626. 2015.

2015: Carla A. Pfeffer, “‘I Don’t Like Passing as a Straight Woman’: Queer Negotiations of Identity and Social Group Membership,” American Journal of Sociology 120(1):1-44. 2014.

2013: Anthony Christian Ocampo, University of California, Los Angeles, “Making Masculinity: Negotiations of Gender Presentation among Latino Men," Latino Studies 10(4):448-472. 2012.

2013 Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Armstrong, Paula England, and Alison C.K. Fogarty, “Accounting for Women’s Orgasm and Sexual Enjoyment in College Hookups and Relationships,” American Sociological Review 77(3):435-462. 2012.

2013 Honorable Mention: Emily Kazyak, "Midwest or Lesbian? Gender, Rurality, and Sexuality," Gender & Society 26(6):825-848. 2012.

2013 Honorable Mention: Jyoti Puri, "Sexualizing the State: Sodomy, Civil Liberties, and the Indian Penal Code," in Contesting Nation: Gendered Violence in South Asia: Notes on the Postcolonial Present. Zubaan. 2012.

2011: Trevon D. Logan, “Personal Characteristics, Sexual Behaviors, and Male Sex Work: A Quantitative Approach,” American Sociological Review 75(5):679-704. 2011.

2011 Honorable Mention: Anne Esacove, “Love Matches: Heteronormativity, Modernity, and AIDS Prevention in Malawi,” Gender & Society 24(1):83-109. 2010.

2009: Shawn C. McGuffey, “Saving Masculinity: Gender Reaffirmation, Sexuality, Race, and Parental Responses to Male Child Sexual Abuse,” Social Problems 55(2):216-237.

2007: Adam Isaiah Green, “‘Until Death Do Us Part?’: The Impact of Differential Access to Marriage on a Sample of Urban Men,” Sociological Perspectives 49(2):163-189.

2007: Tarik Bereket and Barry D. Adam, “The Emergence of Gay Identities in Contemporary Turkey” Sexualities 9(2):131-151.


The Section on the Sociology of Sexualities' Distinguished Book Award

2020: Elizabeth Bernstein, Brokered Subjects: Sex, Trafficking and the Politics of Freedom. U of Chicago Press. 2018.

2020: Nicola Mai. Mobile Orientations: An Intimate Autoethnography of Migration, Sex Work and Humanitarian Borders. U of Chicago Press. 2018.

2019: Trevor Hoppe, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Punishing Disease: HIV and the Criminalization of Sickness. University of California Press. 2017. 

2019 Honorable Mention: Jason Orne, Drexel University, Boystown: Sex & Community in Chicago. University of Chicago Press. 2017.

2018: Jyoti Puri, Simmons College, Sexual States: Governance and the Struggle over the Antisodomy Law in India. Duke University Press. 2016.

2018 Honorable Mention: Vanessa Panfil, Old Dominion University, The Gang's All Queer: The Lives of Gay Gang Members. New York University Press. 2017.

2016: Kimberly Kay Hoang, Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work. University of California Press. 2015.

2014: Amy C. Steinbugler, Beyond Loving: Intimate Racework in Lesbian, Gay, and Straight Interracial Relationships. Oxford University Press. 2012.

2012: Sealing Cheng, On the Move for Love: Migrant Entertainers and the U.S. Military in South Korea. University of Pennsylvania Press. 2010.

2010: Mary L. Gray, Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America. New York University Press. 2009.

2010: Lionel Cantu Jr., The Sexuality of Migration: Border Crossings and Mexican Immigrant Men. New York University Press. 2009.

2008: Elizabeth Bernstein, Temporarily Yours: Intimacy, Authenticity, and the Commerce of Sex. University of Chicago Press. 2007.

2006: Gloria González-López, Erotic Journeys: Mexican Immigrants and their Sex Lives. University of California Press. 2005.

2006: Michelle Wolkomir, Be Not Deceived: The Sacred and Sexual Struggles of Gay and Ex-Gay Christian Men. Rutgers University Press. 2006.


The Section on the Sociology of Sexualities' Early Career Award

2020: Brandon Andrew Robinson, University of California, Riverside

2020: Sarah Diefendorf, Scholars Strategy Network 

2018: Dr. Emily Kazyak, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


The Section on the Sociology of Sexualities' Martin P. Levine Memorial Dissertation Fellowship

(Award established in 2004; switched from Sex and Gender Section)

2020: Jesse Holzman, University of Illinois, Chicago, “Serving LGBTQ Youth Experiencing Homelessness”

2020: Minwoo Jung, University of Southern California, “Queer Geopolitics: LGBTQ Projects in the Global Political Economy”

2020 Honorable Mention: Jamie O’Quinn, University of Texas at Austin, “Married as Minors: Young Women’s Experiences with U.S. ‘Child Marriages’”

2019: Di Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Legalizing Queer Families in China"

2019 Honorable Mention: Jamie Budnick, University of Michigan, “The New Gay Science: Sexuality Knowledge, Demography, and the Politics of Population Measurement”

2018: Andrea Herrera, University of Oregon, "Theorizing Embodied Femininities: US-Based Femme Queens, Racialized Gender Projects, and the Specter of the Straight White Girl"

2018 Honorable Mention: Anthony Urena, Columbia University, “From Risk to Reality: Race, Class, and HIV in an Age of Uncertainty”

2017: Sarah Diefendorf, University of Washington, “Sex, Gender and Sin in the Evangelical Church”

2016: Stefan Vogler, “Legal Bureaucracies and the Production of Sexual Knowledge”

2015: Hassan El Menyawi, “The Great Reversal”

2014: Kate H. Averett, University of Texas, Austin, “Gender, Sexuality, the Family, and Homeschooling”

2014 Honorable Mention: Abigail Ocobock, University of Chicago, “The Invisible Hand of marriage: Gay men and lesbians’ relationships in a new institutional context”

2013: Bethany Coston, State University of New York, Stonybrook, “Gender, Power, and Inequality: An Examination of the Causes and Consequences of Violence in Intimate Relationships”

2013 Honorable Mention: Gowri Vijayakumar, University of California, Berkeley, “Viral Politics: AIDS, Public Health and Citizenship in India and South Africa”

2012: Trevor Hoppe, University of Michigan, “From Sickness to Badness: Enforcing Michigan HIV Law as a Site of Social Control”

2012 Honorable Mention: Jeff Kosbie, Northwestern University, “Legal Organizations, Legal Translation, and Contested LGBT Identities”

2011: Timothy A. Ortyl, University of Minnesota, “Social Marginalization and Patterns of Family Formation”

2011 Honorable Mention: Tara McKay, University of California, Los Angeles, “(In)Visible Men: Constructing Men Who Have Sex With Men as a Global HIV Prevention Priority”

2010: Tey Meadow, New York University, “The Gender Dis/Order: Childhood Variance and Conformity”

2010 Honorable Mention: Evren Savri, New York University, University of Southern California

2009: Catherine Connell, University of Texas, Austin, “School’s Out: Workplace Sexuality as Demonstrated Through the Experience of LGBT Teachers”

2009 Honorable Mention: Thomas John Waidzunas, University of California, San Diego, “Drawing the Straight Line: Hierarchies of Evidence in Sexual Reorientation Therapy Debates”

2008: Terene McDonnell, Northwestern University, “AIDS Streetscapes: A Social Iconography of AIDS Campaigns in Accra, Ghana”

2008 Honorable Mention: Emily Kazyak, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, “Gay and Lesbian in the Rural Midwest: The Intersections of Geography, Class, and Sexuality in Contemporary Imaginaries and Lives”

2008 Honorable Mention: Laurel Westbrook, University of California, Berkeley, “Gender, They Wrote: The Constructions of Gender through Narratives about Murder”

2007: Chaitanya Lakkimsetti, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “Impossible Subjects: Gender, Sexuality and Social Movements in Postcolonial India”

2007 Honorable Mention: Carla A. Pfeffer, University of Michigan, "‘Women’s Work’: A Qualitative Analysis of the Experiences of the Women Partners of Transgender and Transsexual Men”

2006: Chong-suk Han, University of Washington, "Geisha of a Different Kind: Managing Race and Sexuality in Gaysian America"

2006 Honorable Mention: Amy Steinbugler, Temple University, "Race Has Always Been More Than Just Race': Gender, Sexuality, and the Negotiation of Race in Interracial Relationships"

2005: Karl Bryant, University of California, Santa Barbara, "The Politics of Pathology and the Making of 'gender Identity Disorder'"

2005 Honorable Mention: Elbert Almazan, Indiana University, "Sexual Orientation, Social Structure, and Adolescent mental Health"

2004: Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, Graduate Center, City University of New York, "Sexuality in Santeriá: Religion and Sexuality Negotiation"

2004 Honorable Mention: Edward S Gallagher, Fordham University, "Social Movement Analysis of Gay Republicans"

2004 Honorable Mention: Eve Shapiro, University of California, Santa Barbara, “The Disposable Boy Toys: Identity Transformation in a Drag King Community”

The Section on the Sociology of Sexualities' Simon-Gagnon Lifetime Achievement Award

2021: Dr. Gloria González-López, The University of Texas at Austin

2019: Dr. Beth Schneider, University of California, Santa Barbara

2016: Mary Bernstein

2015: Kristin Luker

2014: Carole Vance

2013: Dennis Altman

2012: Judith Stacey

2011: Pepper Schwartz

2010: Jeffrey Weeks

2009: Edward Laumann

2008: Verta Taylor

2007: Barry Adam

2006: Arlene Stein

2005: Janice Irvine

2004: Stephen Seidman

2003: Award not given

2002: Martin S. Weinberg

2001: Ken Plummer

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