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Sociology of Population Award Recipient History

Award for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship in Population

2020: Claudia Masferrer, Erin R. Hamilton, and Nicole Denier. "Immigrants in their parental homeland: half a Million US-born Minors Settle throughout Mexico." Demography 56.4 (2019): 1453-1461. 

2019: Alexandra Killewald and Brielle Bryan, “Falling Behind: The Role of Inter- and Intragenerational Processes in Widening Racial and Ethnic Wealth Gaps through Early and Middle Adulthood,” Social Forces 97(2):705-740. 2018.

2019 Honorable Mention: Eliza Brown and Mary Patrick, “Time, Anticipation, and the Life Course: Egg Freezing as Temporarily Disentangling Romance and Reproduction,” American Sociological Review 83(5):959-982. 2018.

2018: Margaret Frye. "Cultural Meanings and the Aggregation of Actions: The case of Sex and Schooling in Malawi" American Sociological Review 82(5):945-976, 2017. 

2017: Joscha Legewie and Merlin Schaeffer, "Contested Boundaries: Explaining Where Ethnoracial Diversity Provokes Neighborhood Conflict," American Journal of Sociology 122(1):125-161. 2016.

2016: Christine R. Schwartz and Hongyun Han, "The Reversal of the Gender Gap in Education and Trends in Marital Dissolution," American Sociological Review 79(4):605-629. 2014.

2015: Deirdre Bloome, University of Michigan, “Racial Inequality Trends and the Intergenerational Persistence of Income and Family Structure,”American Sociological Review 79(6):1196-1225. 2014.

2014: Sarah Burgard and Jennifer Ailshire, University of Michigan and University of Southern California, "Gender and Time for Sleep among U.S. Adults," American Sociological Review 78(1):51-69. 2012.

2013: Lincoln Quillian, "Segregation and Poverty Concentration: The Role of Three Segregations," American Sociological Review 77(3):354-379. 2012.

2012: Evelyn J. Patterson, Vanderbilt University, "Incarcerating Death: Mortality in U.S. State Correctional Facilities, 1985-1998," Demography 47(3):587-607. 2010.

2011: Shige Song and Sarah Burgard, Queens College and Institute for Demographic Research, City University of New York, "Does Son Preference Influence Children's Growth in Height? A Comparative Study of Chinese and Filipino Children," Population Studies 62(3):305-320. 2008.


The Section on Sociology of Population's Otis Dudley Duncan Award

2020: Tod G. Hamilton, Immigration and the remaking of Black America. Russell Sage Foundation. 2019 

2019: Maria Krysan and Kyle Crowder, Cycle of Segregation: Social Processes and Residential Stratification. Russell Sage Foundation. 2018.

2019 Honorable Mention: Karida L. Brown, Gone Home: Race and Roots through Appalachia. University of North Carolina Press. 2018.

2018: Dalton Conley and Jason Fletcher. The Genome Facotr: What the Social Genomics Revolution Reveals about Ourselves, Our History, and the Future. Princeton University Press. 

2017: Filiz Garip, On the Move: Changing Mechanisms of Mexico-US Migration. Princeton University Press, 2016.

2016: Frank D. Bean, Susan K. Brown, and James D. Bachmeier, Parents without Papers. Russell Sage Foundation. 2015.

2015: Thomas A. DiPrete and Claudia Buchman, The Rise of Women: The Growing Gender Gap in Education and What it Means for American Schools. Russell Sage Foundation. 2013.

2014: Patrick Sharkey, New York University, Stuck in Place: Urban neighborhoods and the end of progress toward racial equality. University of Chicago Press. 2013.

2013: Dennis Hogan, Family Consequences of Children’s Disabilities. Russell Sage Foundation. 2012.

2012: Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, University of California, Berkeley, Christine Bachrach, Columbia University, Phil Morgan, Duke University, and Hans-Peter Kohler, University of Pennsylvania, Understanding Family Change and Variation: Toward a Theory of Conjunctural Action. Springer. 2011.

2011: Frank D. Bean and Jennifer Lee, The Diversity Paradox: Immigration and the Color Line in Twenty-first Century. Russell Sage Foundation. 2010.

2010: Michael White, Department of Sociology and Population Studies and Training Center, Brown University, and Jennifer Glick, Department of Sociology, Arizona State University, Achieving Anew: How New Immigrants Do in American Schools, Jobs, and Neighborhoods. Russell Sage Foundation. 2009.

2009: Edward E. Telles, Princeton University, and Vilma Ortiz, University of California, Los Angeles, Generations of Exclusion: Mexican Americans, Assimilation, and Race. Russell Sage Foundation. 2008.

2007: Claude S. Fischer and Michael Hout, University of California, Berkeley, Century of Difference: How America Changed in the Last One Hundred Years. Russell Sage Foundation. 2006.

2007: Suzanne M. Bianchi, John P. Robinson, and Melissa A. Milkie, University of Maryland, Changing Rhythms of American Family Life. Russell Sage Foundation. 2006.

2005: Edward Telles, University of California, Los Angeles

2003: Frank Bean, University of California, Irvine, Gilliam Stevens, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

2002: Richard Rogers, University of Colorado, Robert Hummer, University of Texas, Austin, and Charles Nam, Florida State University, Living and Dying in the USA: Behavioral, Health, and Social Differentials in Adult Mortality. Academic Press. 2000.

2002: Lynne Casper, National Institutes of Health, and Suzanne Bianchi, University of Maryland, Continuity and Change in the American Family. Sage Publications, Inc. 2002.

2001: Mary C. Waters, Harvard University, Black Indentities: West Indian Immigrant Ideas and American Realitites. Harvard University Press. 2001.

2000: James Z. Lee, California Institute of Technology, and Wang Wang, University of California, Irvine, One Quarter of Humanity: Malthusian Mythology and Chinese Realities. Harvard University Press. 1999.

1999: Stewart E. Tolnay, State University of New York, Albany, The Bottom Rung: African American Family Life on Southern Farms. Univeristy of Illinois Press. 1999.

1998: Reynolds Farley, Russel Sage Foundation, The New American Reality: Who We Are, How We Got Here, Where We Are Going. Pantheon Books. 1996.

1997: Kathleen Mullan Harris, University of North Carolina, Teen Mothers and the Revolving Welfare Door. Temple University Press. 1997.

1996: Sara McLanahan, Princeton University, Gary Sandefur, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Growing up With a Single Parent: What Hurts, What Helps. Harvard University Press. 1994.

1995: Arland Thornton, University of Michigan, Hui-Sheng Lin, Taiwan Provincial Institute of Family Planning, Social Change and the Family in Taiwan. University of Chicago Press. 1994.

1994: Douglas Massey, University of Chicago, Nancy S. Denton, State University of New York, Albany, American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass. Harvard University Press. 1993.

1993: Frances K. Goldscheider and Linda White, Brown University, New Families, No Families. University of California Press. 1991. 

1992: Susan Cott Watkins, From Provinces Into Nations: Demographic Integration in Western Europe, 1878-1960. Princeton University Press. 1990.

The Section on Sociology of Population's Student Paper Award

2020: Ariane Ophir with Jessica Polos, University of Wisconsin-Madison,  “Care Life Expectancy: Gender and Unpaid Work in the Context of Population Aging” 
2020 Honorable Mention:  Nathan Seltzer, University of California-Berkeley, “Beyond the Great Recession: Labor Market Polarization and Ongoing Fertility Decline in the United States” Demography. 2019. 

2019: Margot Moinester, "Policing Noncitizens: Risk of Removal from the U.S. Interior, 1988-2010"

2019 Honorable Mention: Danya Lagos, "Looking at Population Health Beyond 'Male' and 'Female': Implications of Transgender Identity and Gender Nonconformity for Population Health"

2018: Joel Mittleman. "A Downward Spiral? Childhood Suspension and the Path to Juvenile Arrest" 

2017: Julia Behrman, “Educational Assortative Mating and Intra-household Gender and Family Dynamics: A Case Study of Social Change in Eastern Africa”

2016: Peter Rich, “White Parental Flight and Avoidance: Neighborhood Choices in the Era of School District Desegregation”

2015: Christina J. Diaz and Jeremy Fiel, “The Effect(s) of Teenage Pregnancy: Reconciling Theory, Methods, and Evidence," Demography 53(1):85-116. 2016.

2014: Emily Smith-Greenaway, Pennsylvania State University, “Mothers’ reading skills and child survival in Nigeria: Examining the relevance of mothers’ decision-making power," Social Science & Medicine 97:152-160. 2013.

2013: Abigail Weitzman, "The Daughter Tax: The Effects of Daughters on Maternal Outcomes in the Developing World"

2012: Anna R. Haskins, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "Unintended Consequences of Mass Imprisonment: Effects of Paternal Incarceration on Child School Readiness," Sociological Science 1:141-158. 2014.

2010: Rachel E. Goldberg, Brown University, “Family Instability and Sexual Debut in Western Kenya," Demography 50(2):725-750. 2013.

2009: Nathalie E. Williams, University of Michigan, "Coping with Conflict: Do Community Organizations Moderate the Affect of Armed Conflict on Migration?" Population Studies 67(3):353-369. 2013.

2008: Donhoon Lee, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, "The Early Socioeconomic Effects of Teenage Childbearing: A Propensity Score Matching Approach," Demographic Research 23:697-736. 2010.

2007: Jui-Chung Allen Li, RAND Corporation, "The Kids Are OK: Divorce and Children's Behavior Problems"

2006: Feliz Garip, Princeton University, “Social Capital and Migration: how do Similar Resources Lead to Divergent Outcomes," Demography 45(3):591-617. 2008.

2003: Amelie Quesnel-Valle, Duke University

2002: Gretchen Livingston, University of Pennsylvania, “The Ties that Bind: Gender, Social Capital, and Economic Outcomes among Mexico-U.S. Migrants”

2001: Molly Martin, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “AFDC Use Across Generations: The Effects of the Intergenerational Correlation in Income”

2000: Kelly A. Musick, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “Links Between Cohabitation, Non marital Childbearing, and Marriage," Demographic Research 16:249-286. 2007.

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