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Methodology Award Recipient History

The Section on Methodology's Clifford Clogg Award for Best Graduate Student Paper

2020: Antonio Nanni, Northwestern University, "Statistical Inference for Segregation Indices"

2019: Mauricio Bucca, European University Institute, and Daniela R. Urbina, Princeton Sociology, “Lasso Regularization for Selection of Log-linear Models: An Application to Educational Assortative Mating,” Sociological Methods and Research 2019.

2018: Scott Duxbury, The Ohio State University, “Diagnosing Multicollinearity in Exponential Random Graph Models”

2017: M. B. Fallin Hunzaker, "Cultural Sentiments and Schema-Consistency Bias in Information Transmission," American Sociological Review 81(6):1223-1250. 2016.

2016: C. Ben Gibson and Burrel Vann Jr., "The Bootstrapped Robustness Assessment for Qualitative Comparative Analysis"

2016 Honorable Mention: Jacob Fisher, "Social Space Diffusion"

2016 Honorable Mention: Andrei Boutyline, “Improving the Measurement of Shared Cultural Schemas with Correlational Class Analysis,” Sociological Science 4(15):353-393. 2017.

2015: Siwei Cheng, “A Life Course Trajectory Framework for Understanding the Intracohort Pattern of Wage Inequality,” American Journal of Sociology 120(3):633-700. 2014.

2014: Jeremy Fiel, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "Decomposing School Resegregation: Social Closure, Racial Imbalance, and Racial Isolation," American Sociological Review 78(5):828-848. 2013. 

2013: Xiang Zhou,  "A Nonparametric Index of Stratification," Sociological Methodology 42(1):365-388. 2012.

2012: Charles Seguin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

2012: Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2011: Weihua An, Harvard University

2007: Paul von Hippel, The Ohio State University


The Section on Methodology's Leo Goodman Award

This award, to be presented in alternate years, was created in 2005 to honor an outstanding researcher within 10 years of their Ph.D.

2020: Geoffrey Wodtke, University of Chicago

2019: Paul VonHippel, University of Texas Austin Public Policy

2018: Felix Elwert, University of Wisconsin

2017: Benjamin Cornwell, Cornell University

2016: Jennie E. Brand, University of California, Los Angeles

2015: Matthew J. Salganik, Princeton University

2014: Scott Lynch, Princeton University

2013: Stephen L. Morgan, Cornell University

2012: James L. Mahoney, Northwestern University

2011: Damon Centola, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2010: Carter Butts, University of California, Irvine

2007: Mitch Duneier, Princeton University

2005: Joeren Vermunt, Tilburg University, Netherlands


The Section on Methodology's Paul F. Lazarsfeld Award

This award, recognizing sociologists who have contributed to the field of sociological methodology, was founded in 1986 in honor of Paul F. Lazarsfeld.

2020: Ronald Breiger, University of Arizona

2019: Yu Xie, Princeton Sociology

2018: Glenn Firebaugh, Pennsylvania State University

2017: David Heise, Indiana University

2016: Don Dillman, Washington State University, and Peter Marsden, Harvard University

2015: Guillermina Jasso, New York University

2014: Charles Ragin, University of California, Irvine

2013: Robert M. Groves, Georgetown University

2012: Stanley Presser, University of Maryland

2011: Ross M. Stolzenberg, University of Chicago

2010: Leo Goodman, University of California, Berkeley

2008: Arthur Stinchcombe, Northwestern University

2007: Stanley Lieberson, Harvard University, and Arthur Stinchcombe, Northwestern Universtiy

2006: Christopher Winship, Harvard University

2005: William M. Mason, University of California, Los Angeles

2003: Adrian Raftery, University of Wasington

2002: J. Scott Long, Indiana University

2001: Paul D. Allison, University of Pennsylvania

2000: Kenneth A. Bollen, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

1999: Robert D. Mare, University of California, Los Angeles

1998: Richard Berk, University of California, Los Angeles

1997: Kenneth Land, Duke University

1996: Howard Schuman, University of Michigan

1995: Peter H. Rossi, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

1994: Nancy Brandon Tuma, Stanford University

1991: Hubert M. Blalock Jr., Univeristy of Washington

1990: Nathan Keyfitz

1989: Leslie Kish, University of Michigan

1987: Clifford Clogg, Pennsylvania State University

1986: Robert M. Hauser, University of Wisconsin

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