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Section on Sociology of Mental Health

Leonard I. Pearlin Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Sociological Study of Mental Health

2019: Robin W. Simon, Wake Forest University

2018: Scott Schieman, University of Toronto

2017: David Williams, Harvard University

2016: Debra Umberson, University of Texas at Austin

2015: David Takeuchi, Boston College

2014: Jane McLeod, Indiana University

2013: Linda K. George, Duke University

2011: Bernice Pescosolido, Indiana University

2010: Catherine Ross

2009: William Avison, University of Western Ontario

2008: James S. House, University of Michigan

2007: Ronald Kessler, Harvard Medical School

2006: Allan Horwitz, Rutgers University

2005: Peggy Thoits, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

2004: Carol S. Aneshensel, University of California, Los Angeles

2002: Bruce Link, Columbia University

2001: George William Brown, St. Thomas Hospital, London

2000: Blair Wheaton, University of Toronto

1998: R. Jay Turner, University of Miami

1996: Leonard I. Pearlin, University of Maryland, College Park

1994: David Mechanic, Rutgers University


The Section on the Sociology of Mental Health's Best Publication Award

2019: Jason Schnittker, The Diagnostic System: Why the Classification of Psychiatric Disorders is Necessary, Difficult, and Never Settled. Columbia University Press. 2017.

2018: Tony N. Brown, Mary Laske Bell, and Evelyn J. Patterson, “Imprisoned by Empathy: Familial Incarceration and Psychological Distress among African American Men in the National Survey of American Life,” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 57(2):240-256. 2016.

2018: Mario Luis Small, Someone To Talk To. Oxford University Press. 2017.

2017: Anna S. Mueller and Seth Abrutyn, “Adolescents under Pressure: A New Durkheimian Framework for Understanding Adolescent Suicide in a Cohesive Community,” American Sociological Review 81(5):877-899. 2016.

2016: Andrew Scull, Madness in Civilization: A Cultural History of Insanity, From the Bible to Freud, From the Madhouse to Modern Medicine. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 2015.

2016: Owen Whooley, "Nosological Reflections The Failure of DSM-5, the Emergence of RDoC, and the Decontextualization of Mental Distress," Society and Mental Health 4(2):92-110. 2014.

2015: Anna S. Mueller and Seth Abrutyn, “Suicidal Disclosures among Friends: Using Social Network Data to Understand Suicide Contagion,” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 56(1):131-148. 2015.

2014: Mieke Thomeer, Debra Umberson, and Tetyana Pudrovska, University of Texas, Austin, “Marital Processes around Depression: A Gendered and Relational Perspective,” Society and Mental Health 3(3):151-169. 2013.

2013: Jason Schnittker, "The Proximity of Common Unhappiness and Misery," Society and Mental Health 2(3):135-153. 2012.

2011: Robin Simon, Wake Forest University, and Kathryn Lively, Dartmouth College, “Sex, Anger, and Depression,” Social Forces 88(4):1543-1568. 2010.

2010: John Reynolds and Chardie Baird

2009: Brea L. Perry, Indiana University, “The Ripple Effect: Changes in Social Structural Location and Social Network Dynamics in Mental Illness"

2008: Sigrun Olafsdottir, Boston University, "Beds or Meds: The Changing Societal Response to Mental Health Problems in Advanced, Industrialized Nations, 1960-2003"

2007: Bruce Dohrenwend, J. Blake Turner, Nicholas Turse, Ben Adams, Karestan Koenen, and Randall Marshall, Columbia University, “The Psychological Risks of Vietnam for US Veterens: A Revisit with New Data and Methods,” Science 313(5789):979-982. 2006.

2005: John Hagan, Northwestern University, and Holly Foster, Texas A&M University, "S/He's a Rebel: Toward a Sequential Stress Theory of Delinquency and Gendered Pathways to Disadvantage in Emergine Adulthood," Social Forces 82(1):53-86. 2003.

2004: Robin W. Simon, Florida State University, “Revisiting the Relationships among Gender, Marital Status, and Mental Health,” American Journal of Sociology 107(4):1065-1096. 2002.

2003: Tami M. Videon, Montefiore Medical Center

2001: Carol Aneshensel, University of California, Los Angeles, and Jo Phelan, Columbia University, Handbook of the Sociology of Mental Health. Springer. 1999.

1999: Sarah Rosenfield, Rutgers University, “Labeling Mental Illness: The Effects of Received Services and Perceived Stigma on Life Satisfaction,” American Sociological Review 62(4):660-672. 1997. 

1997: R. Jay Turner, University of Miami, Blair Wheaton, University of Toronto, and Donald Lloyd, University of Toronto, “The Epidemiology of Social Stress,” American Sociological Review 60(1):104-125. 1995.

1995: Jane McLeod, University of Minnesota, and Michael Shanahan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, "Poverty, Parenting, and Children’s Mental Health," American Sociological Review 58(3):351-366. 1993.

The Section on the Sociology of Mental Health's Dissertation Award

2019: Bianca Manago, Indiana University, “The Role of Mental Health Labels in Stigma and Status Processes”

2018: Courtney Boen, “Death by a Thousand Cuts: Psychosocial Stress Exposure and Black-White Disparities in Psychophysiological Functioning in Late Life”

2017: Jennifer Caputo, “Parental Coresidence Histories and Psychological Well-Being among Contemporary Young Adults”

2016: Alexis Ann Merdjanoff, Rutgers University, "Weathering the storm: the long-term consequences of Hurricane Katrina on mental health, mobility and recovery"

2015: Ning Hsieh, “Social Networks, Social Support, and Mental Health in Cross- National Comparative Perspective”

2014: Eric Grollman, University of Richmond

2013: Shirin Montazer, University of Toronto, "Country of Origin as a Modifier of the effect of Generation and Length of Residence on the Mental Health Outcomes of Immigrants to Canada"

2011: Catherine J. Taylor, PhD Cornell University, currently Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Fellow at Columbia University, "Biological and Subjective Responses to Minority Status and Social Exclusion in the Workplace: A Gendered Perspective"

2010: Kerry Dobransky

2009: David Maimon, The Ohio State University, and Danielle C. Kuhl, Bowling Green University, "Social Control and Youth Suicidality: Situating Durkheim's Ideas in a Multilevel Framework," American Sociological Review 73(6):921-943. 2008.

2008: Jane D. McLeod, Indiana University, and Danielle L. Fettes, University of California, "Trajectories of Failure: The Educational Careers of Children with Mental Health Problems," American Journal of Sociology 113(3):653–701. 2007.

2007: Belinda Needham, University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley, “Adolescent Depression and Young Adult Educational Attainment: An Examination of Gender Differences”

2005: Julie McLaughlin, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, "The Timing of Family Transitions and Depression: Difference by Sex and Education Level"

2004: Parisa Tehranifar, Columbia University, “Perceived Racial Discrimination among Urban African American Adolescents: Exploring Links with Ethnic Identity, School Ethnic Composition and Psychological Symptoms”

2003: Alan V. Horowitz, Rutgers University

2001: Kristi Williams, University of Texas, “Has the Future of Marriage Arrived? A Contemporary Examination of the Effects of Marital Status and Marital Quality on the Psychological Well-Being of Women and Men,” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 44(4):470–487. 2003.

1999: Alisa Lincoln, Columbia University, “Psychiatric Emergency Room Decision Making: Social Control and the ‘Undeserving Sick,'” Sociology of Health & Illness 28(1):54-75. 2006.

1998: Terrance J. Wade, University of Western Ontario, “Stress and Distress Among Husbands and Wives”

1994: Pamela Braboy Jackson, Duke University, "The Context of Transition Events Across the Life Course: The Effects of Prior Event Sequencing on Adult Mental Health"


The Section on the Sociology of Mental Health's Graduate Student Paper Award

2019: Patricia Louie, “Revisiting the Cost of Skin Color: Discrimination, Mastery, and Mental Health Among Black Adolescents,” forthcoming in Society and Mental Health

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