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Section on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Award Recipients

The Section on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis' Best Book Award

2019: Charles Goodwin, Cooperative Action. Cambridge University Press. 2017.

2017: Gail Jefferson, Talking about Troubles in Conversation. Oxford University Press. 2015.

2015: Ken Liberman, More Studies in Ethnomethodology. State University of New York Press. 2013.

2013: Morana Alac, University of California, San Diego, Handling Digital Brains. A Laboratory Study of Multimodal Semiotic Interaction in the Age of Computers. MIT Press. 2011.

2011: Mychael Lynch, Simon A. Cole, Ruth McNally, and Kathleen Jordan, Truth machine: The contentious history of DNA fingerprinting. University of Chicago Press. 2008.

2009: Eric Livingston, Ethnographies of Reason. Ashgate. 2008.

2007: Hedwig te Molder and Jonathan Potter, Conversation and Cognition. Cambridge University Press. 2005.


The Section on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis' Best Paper Award

2018: Kevin A. Whitehead, "Everyday Antiracism in Action: Preference Organization in Responses to Racism," Journal of Language and Social Psychology 34(4):374-389. 2015.

2018: Edward Reynolds, "Description of Membership and Enacting Membership: Seeing-a-lift, Being a Team," Journal of Pragmatics 118:99-119. 2017.

2016: Catelijne Coopmans and Graham Button, “Eyeballing Expertise,” Social Studies of Science 44(5):758-785. 2014.

2014: Christian Greiffenhagen, University of Loughborough, and Wes Sharrock, University of Manchester, “Does Mathematics Look Certain in the Front, But Fallible in the Back?” Social Studies of Science 41(6):839-866. 2011.

2012: John Heritage, University of California, Los Angeles, "Epistemics in Action: Action Formation and Territories of Knowledge," Research on Language and Social Interaction 45(1):1–29. 2012.

2010: Rod Watson, "Constitutive Practices and Garfinkel's Notion of Trust: Revisited," Journal of Classical Sociology 9(4):475-499. 2009.

2008: Baudouin Dupret, "What is Islamic Law? A Praxiological Answer and an Egyptian Case Study," Theory, Culture & Society 24(2):79-100. 2007.


The Section on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis' Garfinkel-Sacks Award for Distinguished Scholarship

2019: Gene Lerner, University of California, Santa Barbara

2018: Charles Goodwin, University of California, Los Angeles

2017: Anita Pomerantz, University at Albany, New York

2016: John Heritage, University of California, Los Angeles

2015: Jeff Coulter, Boston University

2013: Don Zimmerman, University of California, Santa Barbara

2011: Wes Sharrock, University of Manchester

2010: Emanuel A. Schegloff, University of California, Los Angeles

2009: George Psathas, Boston University

2007: Harold Garfinkel, University of California, Los Angeles


The Section on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis' Graduate Student Paper Award

2019: Alexandra Tate, “Treatment Recommendations in Oncology Visits: Implications for Patient Agency and Physician Authority,” Health Communication 33(12):1-11. 2018.

2018: Amanda McArthur, University of California, Los Angeles, "Getting Pain on the Table in Primary Care Physical Exams," Social Science and Medicine 200:190-198. 2018.

2017: Matina Kolanoski, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Goethe-Universität, Institut für Soziologie, "Undoing the Legal Capacities of a Military Object: A Case Study on the (In)Visibility of Civilians,” Law & Social Inquiry (online). 2017.

2016: Jason Turowetz, “Citing Conduct, Individualizing Symptoms: Accomplishing Autism Diagnosis in Clinical Case Conferences,” Social Science & Medicine 142:214-222. 2015.

2015: Elliott Hoey, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguists, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, “Lapse Management and Lapse Resolution in Incipient and Sustained States of Talk”

2014: Clara Bergen, University of California, Los Angeles, "Doing Make-Believe: Embodied Action in Children's Imaginary Character Play"

2013: Chase Wesley Raymond and Anne Elizabeth Clark White, "A Taxonomy of Time Reference in Interaction," Communication Monographs 81(2):208-238. 2014.

2012: Trevor Benjamin, Center for Language and Cognition, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, "When Problems Pass Us By: Using "You Mean" to Help Locate the Source of Trouble," Research on Language and Social Interaction 45(1):82-109. 2012.

2011: Edward Reynolds, The University of Queensland, "Epistemics in Conflict: Enticing a Challengeable in Protest Arguments"

2010: Kobin Kendrick, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Evidental Vindication in Next Turn: Using the Retrospective 'See?' in Conversation"

2009: Kaoru Hayano, "Generalization and Specification of the Scope of Assessment: Negotiations of Epistemic Stance in Japanese Talk-in-Interaction"

2008: Christopher Koenig, University of California, Los Angeles, "(Re)Formulating Prescription Medication in Acute Primary Care"

2007: Kevin A. Whitehead, University of California, Santa Barbara, "The Use, Management, and Reproduction of Racial Commonsense in Interaction"


The Section on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis' Melvin Pollner Prize in Ethnomethodology

2018: Darin Weinberg, Contemporary Social Constructionism: Key Themes. Temple University Press. 2014.

2017: Götz Hoeppe, “Working Data Together: The Accountability and Reflexivity of Digital Astronomical Practice,” Social Studies of Science 44: 243-270. 2014.

2016: Michael Deland, "Basketball in the Key of Law: The Significance of Disputing in Pick-Up Basketball," Law & Society Review 47(3):653-85. 2013.

2013: David Gibson, Talk at the Brink: Deliberation and Decision during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Princeton University Press. 2012.

2011: Darin Weinberg, Of Others Inside: Insanity, Addiction And Belonging in America. Temple University Press. 2005.

2009: Pollner Award Fund Established

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