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Section on Emotions Past Award Recipients

The Section on the Sociology of Emotions' Graduate Student Paper Award

2019: Carley Geiss, University of South Florida, “Connecting Practical Doings to Cultural Meanings: Exploring the Work of Moral Mediators in Human Service Organizations”

2018: Amanda Barrett Cox, "Correcting Behaviors and Policing Emotions: How Behavioral Infraction Become Feeling-Rule Violations," Symbolic Interaction 39(3):484-503. 2016.

2017: Jorie Hofstra, “Attentive Flexibility: A Theoretical Grounding of a New Concept in the Study of Emotional Support”

2016: Ryann Manning, “Emplacing Anger: Emotion Management in West African Pediatric Wards” 

2015: Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott, Clare Forstie, and Savina Balasubramanian, “Shining Stars, Blind Sides, and “Real” Realities: Exit Rituals, Eulogy Work, and Allegories in Reality Television,” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 44(4):417-449. 2015.

2014: Long Doan, Annalise Loehr, and Lisa Miller, Indiana University, "The Power of Love: The Role of Emotional Attributions and Standards in Heterosexuals," Social Forces 94(1):401-425. 2015.

2013: Marci Cottingham, "Learning to 'Deal' and 'De-Escalate': How Men in Nursing Manage Self and Patient Emotions," Sociological Inquiry 85(1):75-99. 2014.

2013: Sonny Nordmarken, "Everyday Transgender Emotional Inequality: Microaggressions, Micropower Dynamics, Emotional Exertion, and Cisgender Emotional Leisure"

2012: Yuval Feinstein, University of California, Los Angeles, “American Nationalism, Emotions, and Public Support for Military Action: Evidence from a Survey-Based Experiment”

2011: Kirsten Younghee Song, Rutgers University, "Mourning for a National Monument:News Media Representation of the Loss of the Korean National Treasure Number 1"

2010: Yuval Feinstein, University of California, Los Angeles

2009: Christian Vaccaro, Florida State University

2008: R. Tyson Smith, State University of New York, Stony Brook

2007: Pamela M. Hunt, Kent State University, “Membership and Subcultural Identity Meaning: Exploring Two Continuous Measures of Membership in the Jamband Subculture”

2006: Meredith Rossner, University of Pennsylvania, “Restorative Justice and Interaction Ritual: An In-Depth Examination of the Micro Mechanism for Emotional Transformation”

2005: Jessica Collett and Omar Lizardo, University of Arizona, “Socioeconomic Status and the Experience of Anger," Social Forces 88(5):2079-2104. 2010.

2004: Simone Polilo, University of Pennsylvania

2003: Erika Summers-Effler, University of Pennsylvania, “The Micro Potential for Social Change: Emotion, Consciousness, and Social Movement Formation," Sociological Theory 20(1):41-60. 2002.

2002: Tim P. Hallett, Northwestern University, “Emotional Feedback and Amplification in Social Interaction," The Sociological Quarterly 44(4):705-726. 2016.

2001: Michelle VanNatta, Northwestern University

2000: Jennifer Lois, University of Colorado, Boulder, “Managing Emotions, Intimacy, and Relationships in a Voucher Search and Rescue Group," Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 30(2):131-179. 2001.

1999: Guobin Yang, New York University, “Achieving Emotions in Social Mevements”

1998: Kathryn Lively, Vanderbilt University, “Joint Emotion-work: Working together to Maintain Stratification in Private Law Firms," Work and Occupations 27(1):32-63. 2000.

1997: Laura Mamo, University of California-San Francisco, “Death and Dying: Confluence of Emotions and Awareness," Sociology of Health & Illness 21(1)1999:13–36. 1999.

1996: Lyn Jones, University of Arizona, "Rape Crisis Work and the Unpersonal Relationship: The Delicate Balance of Intimacy and Social Distance"

1995: Robert Garot, University of California, Los Angeles, “Emotions Front and Back stage: Anger and Tears in a Section 8 Housing Office”

1994: Donald E. Gibson, University of California, Los Angeles, "The Struggle for Reason: The Sociology of Emotion in Organizations"

1993: Rodney Beaulieu, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Emotion and Conflict in the Classroom: A Single Case Analysis"

1992: Leslie J. Irvine, Florida Atlantic University, "The Pathologizing of Love: Co-Dependency and the Naming of Emotion"

1991: Betsy Cullum-Swan, Michigan State University, "Behavior in Public Places: A Frame Analysis of Gynecological Exams"

1990: Jennifer L. Pierce, University of California, Berkeley, "Gender, Paralegals, and the 'Tyranny of Niceness': The Double-Bind Emotional Labor Poses for Women Workers"


The Section on the Sociology of Emotions' Lifetime Achievement Award

2018: Neil J. MacKinnon, University of Guelph

2010: Jan Stets, University of California, Riverside

2009: Jonathan H. Turner, University of California, Riverside

2008: David Karp, Boston College

2007: Spence E. Cahill, University of South Florida

2006: Peggy A. Thoits, University of North Carolina

2005: Lynn Smith-Lovin, Duke University

2004: Randall Collins, University of Pennsylvania

2003: Theodore D. Kemper, St. Johns University

2002: David R. Heise, Indiana University

2001: Arlie Hochschild, University of California, Berkeley

2000: Thomas J. Scheff, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Section on the Sociology of Emotions' Outstanding Recent Contribution Award

2019: Kari Marie Norgaard and Ron Reed, "Emotional Impacts of Environmental Decline: What Can Native Cosmologies Teach Sociology About Emotions and Environmental Justice," Theory and Society 46(6):463-495.

2018: Timothy Recuber, Consuming Catastrophe: Mass Culture in America's Decade of Disaster. Temple University Press. 2016.

2017: Chana Teeger, “Both Sides of the Story” History Education in Post-Apartheid South Africa," American Sociological Review 80(6):1175-1200. 2015.

2016: Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman, The Color of Love: Racial Features, Stigma, and Socializationi in Black Brazilian Families. University of Texas Press. 2015. 

2015: Seth Abrutyn and Anna S. Mueller, “The Socioemotional Foundations of Suicide: A Microsociological View of Durkheim’s Suicide,” Sociological Theory 32(4):327-351. 2014.

2014: Eva Illouz, Hebrew University, Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation. Polity. 2013.

2013: Kathryn J. Lively, Lala Steelman, and Brian Powell, “Equity, Emotion, and the Household Division of Labor,” Social Psychology Quarterly 73(4):358-379. 2010.

2012: Clare Stacey, Kent State University, The Caring Self: The Work Experiences of Home Care Aides. Cornell University Press. 2011.

2011: Jennifer Lois, Western Washington University, “The Temporal Emotion Work of Motherhood: Homeschoolers’ Strategies for Managing Time Shortage," Gender and Society 24(4):421-446. 2010.

2010: Jody Clay-Warner and Dawn T. Robinson, University of Georgia, Athens

2009: Allison Bianchi and Donna Lancianese, University of Iowa

2008: Jan E. Stets and Jonathan H. Turner, University of California, Riverside

2007: Robin W. Simon, Florida State University, and Leda E. Nath, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, “Gender and Emotion in the United States: Do Men and Women Differ in Self-Reports of Feelings and Expressive Behavior," American Journal of Sociology 109(5):1137-1176. 2004.

2006: Jennifer Lois, Western Washington University, Heroic Efforts

2005: Kathryn Lively and David Heise, “Sociological Realms of Emotional Experience," American Journal of Sociology 109(5):1109-1136. 2004.

2004: Randall Collins, University of Pennsylvania, Interaction Ritual Chains 

2003: Rebecca J. Erickson, The University of Akron, and Christian Ritter, Kent State University, “Emotional Labor, Burnout, and Inauthenticity: Does Gender Matter?” Social Psychology Quarterly 64(2):146-163. 2001.

2002: Jonathan H. Turner, University of California, Riverside

2001: Guobin Young, University of Hawaii

2000: Candace Clark, Montclair State University

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