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Section on Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Award Recipients

The Section on Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco's Best Student Paper Award

2019: Sarah Brothers, Yale University, “A good ‘doctor’ is hard to find: Assessing uncredentialed expertise in assisted injection”

2016: David Showalter, “Social Crisis and Symbolic Power: Institutionalizing Syringe Exchange in California”

2015: Landon Schnabel and Eric Sevell, “Should Mary and Jane Be legal? Comparing Americans’ Attitudes toward Marijuana and Same-Sex Marriage Legalization,” Public Opinion Quarterly 81(1):157-172. 2017.

2014: Kathryn M. Nowotny, University of Colorado, Boulder, “Race/Ethnic Disparities in the Utilization of Treatment for Drug Dependent Inmates in U.S. State Correctional Facilities,” Addictive Behaviors 40:148-153. 2015.

2013: Brooke West, Columbia University, "Casting a Wide Net(work): Aspects of social networks, drug use and HIV among Malaysian fishermen"

2012: Patrick K. O'Brien, University of Colorado, Boulder

2010: Erin Pullen, University of Kentucky

2009: Emily Tanner-Smith, Vanderbilt University

2008: Joseph Wolfe, University of Indiana

2007: Michael L. Weisst, University of Miami Coral Gables

2006: Brian Christopher Kelly, Purdue University

The Section on Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco's Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award

2010: Samuel R. Friedman, National Development and Research Institutes

2007: Bruce D. Johnson, National Development and Research Institutes,

2005: Helen Raskin White, Rutgers University

2000: Carroll Estes, University of California, San Francisco

1997: H. Laurence Ross, University of New Mexico

1994: Harrison Trice, Cornell University


The Section on Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco's Junior Scholar Award

2019: Yousef Yang, Murray State University

2016: Elizabeth Chiarello, St. Louis University

2015: Khary K. Rigg, University of South Florida

2014: Emily E. Tanner-Smith, Vanderbilt University

2013: Award not given

2012: Alexander S. Bennett, National Development and Research Institute

2011: Dina Perrone, California State University, Long Beach

2010: Brian Kelly, Purdue University

2009: Carrie Oser, University of Kentucky

2008: William Pridemore, Indiana University

2007: Amie L. Nielsen, University of Miami Coral Gables

2006: Hannah K. Knudsen, University of Kentucky

2005: Ellen Benoit, National Development and Research Institutes

2003: Margaret Kelley, University of Oklahoma


The Section on Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco's Senior Scholar Award

2019: Judith Richman, University of Illinois-Chicago

2016: Wendy Chapkis, University of Southern Maine

2015: Carrie B. Oser, University of Kentucky

2014: Claire K. Sterk, Emory University

2013: Avelardo Valdez, University of Southern California

2012: Eloise Dunlap, National Development and Research Institute

2010: Samuel R. Friedman, National Development and Research Institutes

2009: Dale Chitwood, Social Epidemiology Research Group at the University of Miami

2008: Jim Inciardi, University of Delaware

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