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Sections are where sociologists with similar research interests connect. Being a section member can help you keep up-to-date on the newest developments in your area of expertise. Sections offer programming throughout the year, and section members communicate regularly through listservs, social media, and newsletters.

Sections create a valuable space for community within the wider ASA membership. Simply being a member of a section will help you build your networks. Volunteering with a section will foster even greater network ties. You can learn about volunteer opportunities through section newsletters and at section business meetings during the Annual Meeting. You can even reach out to the Chair of a section; section leaders are often looking for help with projects. Once you get involved, you will soon find that you have a rich network of sociologists from across the country who share your interests. 

You must be a current member of ASA to join a section. If you are a current member, go to the member portal and add a section to your membership.  If you have questions about ASA Sections, please email 

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