American Sociological Association


The 2021 Program Committee is seeking volunteers to organize sessions for the open submission regular paper topics. Volunteers will be taken beginning February 26, 2020. The deadline to volunteer is April 15, 2020. Volunteering does not guarantee an invitation to organize. Anyone volunteering to organize an open submission regular session must abide by the guidelines governing such work and meet the eligibility requirements.

Organizer Guidelines

  • All Regular Sessions must be open to submitted papers.
  • Organizers are expected to select the best papers submitted to them. It is against ASA policy for organizers to recruit presenters selectively or to impose their own pre-planned themes on sessions.
  • Regular Session organizers may not present their own single-authored paper in the sessions that they organize.

Organizer Eligibility

  • Session organizers must be current members of the Association, at the time of volunteering and at the time of the annual meeting.
  • Students are not eligible to serve as solo session organizer.
  • The submission and management of papers is conducted online. Organizers must have reliable internet access and be available to carry out their tasks.

Statement on Diversity

Much of the vitality of the ASA flows from its diverse membership. With this in mind, it is the policy of the ASA to include people of color, women, sociologists from small institutions or who work in government, business, and other applied settings, and international scholars in all of its programmatic activities and in the business of the Association.

Topics will be selected in January and posted at that time.