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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning Symposium

Sunday, August 12, 2018
Philadelphia Convention Center, Level 100, 113A

This new annual meeting element was established by ASA Council in response to the recommendations of the ASA Task Force on Community College Faculty in Sociology.  Consisting of four back-to-back sessions focused on teaching and learning in the discipline, the symposium is scheduled the day before the main day of sessions organized by the Section on Teaching and Learning. The result is two full days of programing focused on teaching at the 2018 Annual Meeting.  Submissions to present at the symposium required only an abstract, creating new pathways to engage a broader array of sociologists in discussions of teaching and learning in the discipline—including both community college faculty for whom developing a full paper confers little professional benefit, and faculty in research intensive universities who care about teaching but whose areas of research do not include teaching and learning. See a summary of the symposium schedule below. Additional details are available in the online schedule.  You can also explore the full range of 2018 Annual Meeting offerings here


Rebecca Bach, Duke University
Brian Kapitulik, Greenfield Community College
Katherine Rowell, Sinclair Community College
Margaret Weigers Vitullo, ASA


•    Workshops: Providing practical techniques in an in-depth format.  Each workshop session includes two 45-minute sessions. 
•    Roundtable sessions: Focused on collaborative discussions of effective responses to complex teaching challenges. 
•    Poster sessions: where participants can learn about new teaching activities and approaches and collect handouts to support their implementation in their own classes.


8:30 to 10:10am Workshop on Taking Introduction to Sociology to the Next Level

Susan Palmer, Walla Walla Community College
Rachel Sarah Core, Stetson University

10:30am to 12:10pm Roundtable Sessions on Teaching Challenges

        Table 01: Teaching About Race
        Table 02: Technology Serving Teaching and Learning
        Table 03: Preparing Students for Life After College
        Table 04: Taking Sociology Beyond the Classroom
        Table 05: Teaching for Social Justice and Human Rights
        Table 06: Teaching Sociology in the Age of Trump
        Table 07: Innovations in Teaching and Learning at the Graduate Level
        Table 08: Active Learning in the Sociology Classroom

12:30 to 2:10pm Activities and Techniques Poster Session

Applying Sociology to Fiction
A Voice in the Classroom: Encouraging Community College Students to Talk
Be the Spark to Ignite Curiosity in Learnings by Using Innovative Digital Tools
Collaborative Ethnographic Teams in Community Food Security
Current Events Project
Enhancing Introduction to Sociology with the Memoir “I am Malala.” 
Find and Cite Three-to-Five Sources
First Impressions: Using Online Dating Profiles to Teach Writing
Fostering Engagement, Connections and Persistence
Keeping Their Heads in the Clouds
Micro Credentialing and Higher Education
Reconstruction: Change Stated by Yourself and Its Impact in Spokane, WA
Teaching Medical Sociology through Research Intensive Service Learning
Teaching Service Learning and Community Engagement 
Teaching with Compassion: An Educator’s Oath to Teach from the Heart
Using Contemplative Pedagogies to Enhance Authentic Engagement…
Using Student-created e-Portfolios to Assess… Learning Outcomes
Using Technology and Social Media to Include Marginalized Voices in the Classroom
What Affects Intellectual Courage in the Classroom: An Experimental Study
A Multipronged Approach to Maximize the Potential of Collaborative Learning…

    2:30 to 4:10pm, Workshop on Handling Controversial Topics in a Controversial Era

        Suzanne Goodney Lea, Interactivity Foundation
        Deveraux Christian Smith, Interactivity Foundation
        Shawn Mendez, University of Maryland 



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