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Call for Papers

How to Submit

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All submissions for the 2018 program must be made via the online submission system. The online forms will guide you through the steps required to submit your proposal.

  1. Log in with your ASA username and password on the portal
  2. Click on the link "2018 Submissions"


SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. These are the requirements and policies governing all paper submissions. Please review in entirety before making your submission.

Original Contribution

Papers must reflect original work or major developments in previously reported work. Papers are NOT eligible if they have been:

  • Presented previously at ASA or other professional meetings.
  • Published prior to the meeting or accepted for publication before being submitted to organizers for consideration.
  • Modified in only secondary respects after presentation or publication.

Length and Style

Only draft/working papers that are 15-35 pages, double-spaced, (including footnotes, tables, and bibliographies), that represent a well thought-out idea or topic will be considered by session organizers. Lengthier versions are more suitable for subsequent publications than for oral presentations at the Annual Meeting.

Session organizers will not consider abstracts, letters, email communications, or telephone calls in lieu of draft/working papers.

Please note that “completed papers” can be uploaded to the archival site after the Annual Meeting.

Submission Requirements

Submitters should prepare the following information and files prior to starting the online submission process. The submitter will receive an email acknowledgement of successful submission.

  • Paper Title (15 words or less)
  • Abstract (300 words or less)
  • Identify where you wish your paper to be considered (one Regular Session Topic and one Section Session, or two Section Sessions)
  • Determine if you want your paper forwarded to a Roundtable Session
  • AV equipment requested (if needed)
  • Institutional affiliations and email addresses for all co-authors
  • 15-35 page draft paper/working paper either converted to a PDF file stored locally and ready for uploading. If necessary, special tables/charts in Excel or PowerPoint can be uploaded as separate files to accompany the paper.

Submission Policies

Authors may submit multiple, unique papers however, ASA policy limits authors to presenting only one single-authored paper and no more than two multi-authored papers on the final program.

  • Authors may submit a paper to only one Regular Session topic.
  • Authors may submit a paper to a Regular Session topic and elect a Section topic as a secondary choice.
  • Authors may submit a paper to a Section topic and elect a secondary Section topic choice.
  • The online submission system provides submission options reflecting this policy.
  • Authors choosing to make a dual submission (Regular Session topic primary/Section topic secondary or Section topic/Section topic) must indicate which topic has first preference. This gives the first priority organizer first right of acceptance during the initial review processes. The second priority organizer cannot make an acceptance decision on a dual submission until the first organizer releases the submission.

Participation Policies

Review the ASA policies here.


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