American Sociological Association

2018 Program Committee

The Program Committee for the Annual Meeting usually consists of twelve people, four officers and eight appointed members, as outlined below. In years where there is a Secretary-Elect, that person shadows the Secretary and participates in Program Committee meetings.

President-Elect, Vice President-Elect, Secretary, Executive Officer, two carry-over members from the previous year's Program Committee, and six members nominated by the President-Elect and approved by ASA Council.

Each Program Committee plans only one Annual Meeting. The committee is constituted in August two years in advance of the meeting for which it is responsible, and it is charged with developing a timely program that will service the diverse discipline of sociology, enhance the meeting theme chosen by the President-Elect, and broaden participation by sociologists in the United States and around the world.

Members of the Program Committee for the 2018 Annual Meeting

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
President and
Committee Chair

Duke University

 Marlese Durr
Wright State University

Nicholas Jones
U.S. Census Bureau

Amanda Evelyn Lewis
University of Illinois-Chicago

Ann J. Morning
New York University

Susan Palmer
Walla Walla Community College

Rashawn Ray
University of Maryland

Mary Romero
Arizona State University

John Solomos
University of Warwick

David T. Takeuchi
Boston College

Chris Uggen
Vice President-Elect
University of Minnesota

Alford Young
University of Michigan

Nancy Kidd
Executive Officer
American Sociological


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