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2018 Call for Submissions Information

The Submission Site for the 2018 program is closed. The submission deadline was January 11, 2018, 11:59 p.m. (Eastern). In addition to paper submissions, for the 2018 Annual Meeting, proposals are being accepted for Courses, Workshops, Preconferences, the Sociology in Practice Settings Symposium, and the Teaching and Learning Symposium. Please see the links to the right to view these individual calls.

How to Submit

It may be helpful to review the Webinar on "Getting Your Paper on the Program"

All submissions for the 2018 program must be made via the online submission system. The online forms will guide you through the steps required to submit your proposal.

  1. Log in with your ASA username and password on the portal
  2. Click on the link "2018 Submissions"

Program Policies

The program policies listed below apply to all organizers and participants.

Open Submissions. The ASA meeting has an open submission policy. Organizers are expected to select the best papers submitted to them. It is against ASA policy for organizers to recruit presenters selectively or to impose their own pre-planned themes on sessions.

Diversity. Much of the vitality of the ASA flows from its diverse membership. With this in mind, it is the policy of the ASA to include people of color, women, sociologists from small institutions or who work in government, business, and other applied settings, and international scholars in all of its programmatic activities and in the business of the Association.

Membership. Individuals who are listed on the program as participants are encouraged to hold membership in ASA. All persons listed as “Session Organizer” must be members of the ASA.

Registration. All participants on the Annual Meeting program must register for the meeting. A “participant” is anyone who is listed as presenting author, presider, discussant, panelist, critic, workshop leader, discussion leader, table presider, or any other type of presenter

Exemption from participant registration is permitted in the following two cases:

  • A non-sociologist who is invited to be a discussant on a paper session and who appears on the program only once may be exempted from the registration requirement.
  • In cases of multiple-authored papers, co-authors who will not be attending the Annual Meeting are not required to register. However, co-author(s) who do plan to present must register.

Authorship. Only one single-authored paper presentation is permitted. Authors who have more than one single-authored paper accepted must decide which paper will be presented and inform the session organizers promptly.

Participation. Individuals may not be listed on more than two sessions on the program. This includes all participant roles. Session organizers are exempt from this policy and there is a “professional service” exemption for workshop leaders and representatives listed on informational poster sessions. Participants who are accepted to more than two sessions must decide which sessions to participate and inform the sessions organizers promptly.


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