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Whether you are an academic sociologist, undergraduate or graduate student, college, university or high school teacher or sociological practitioner, explore various ways to get involved with the association.

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The ASA is dedicated to advancing sociology as a scientific discipline and profession serving the public good. ASA seeks to stimulate and improve research, teaching, discussion, and to encourage cooperative relations among those engaged in the scientific study of society. Any individual interested in these objectives is eligible for membership in the ASA.

Join an ASA Section

All current members of the ASA are eligible to join one or more of the 52 sections. Participating in sections is a good way to become involved in communities of peers in specialized sub-fields in sociology.

Participate in the Annual Meeting

  • ASA Annual MeetingThe Annual Meeting attracts over 5,000 attendees participating in paper presentation sessions, courses, seminars and the ASA Employment Service. Nearly 600 program sessions are convened during the four-day meeting held every August to provide participation and networking venues and opportunities for nearly 3,000 research papers and over 4,600 presenters.

Volunteer for Council, Committee, Task Force or Run for Elected Office

ASA accepts volunteers and nominations for elected positions and appointed committees.

Apply for a Grant or Fellowship

  • ASA Grants and FellowshipsASA offers grants and fellowship opportunities for teaching, research, community work, public policy and financial aid for participation in the ASA Annual Meeting.

Submit to an ASA Journal

Contact the journal editorial office to submit manuscripts to ASA journals

Review for or Apply to be Editor of an ASA Journal or Book Series

Individuals interested in reviewing for an ASA journal must contact the editors directly.

Sign Up as an Expert

The ASA maintains a database of sociologists who are subject matter experts. This database serves as a resource for ASA Public Affairs and Public Information staff to consult when journalists request interviews with experts for their stories.

Nominate for an Award

Each August the American Sociological Association presents ASA awards to individuals and groups deserving of recognition. Many ASA Sections also grant awards each year to recognize achievements in their respective areas of academic interest.

Participate in ASA’s Blog and Social Media

Speak4Sociology is a blog developed and designed by ASA to facilitate conversations on ASA and other sociological topics. In addition, ASA maintains a presence in online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, etc.

Opportunities for Department Leaders

ASA offers a variety of services and information useful to department chairs and administrators of sociology programs in colleges and universities.

  • Department AffiliatesThe Department Affiliates Program provides a department-level link between academic institutions and the ASA.
  • ASA Program Reviewers and Consultants: Formerly known as the Department Resources Group (DRG), ASA Program Reviewers and Consultants are sociologists who assist departments with a wide variety of needs, including: external reviews, curriculum development, assessment, department retreats, teaching workshops. In addition, the Department Leaders Mentoring Program assists individuals who have taken on a leadership role in the department, such as department chair, division coordinator, or graduate studies director.

Opportunities for Students

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to participate in many activities with ASA.

  • ASA Student ForumThe Student Forum is open to all current ASA student members. The Forum provides students the opportunity to network with their peers and faculty; receive timely print and electronic publications; information about research and funding opportunities and more.
  • ASA Honors ProgramThe ASA Honors Program awards a select group of undergraduate students to participate at the ASA Annual Meeting where they meet with prominent sociologists, participate in paper sessions, attend receptions among other activities.
  • Minority Fellowship ProgramThe Minority Fellowship Program has supported over 500 sociologists of color since the program’s inception 40 years ago. The Fellows receive significant support for their research and career development during their doctoral studies.

Opportunities for Retired Members

  • Opportunities in Retirement NetworkThe ASA Opportunities in Retirement Network focuses on the needs and interests of sociologists at or near the retirement stage of their careers.

Opportunities for High School Teachers

  • High School Sociology The ASA supports high school teachers with resources and a community of educators to engage and excite students and to help launch the next generation of sociologists.

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