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Excellence in the Reporting of Social Issues Award

This award is no longer being offered.


The Award for Excellence in the Reporting of Social Issues honored individual journalists, documentary filmmakers and others dedicated to communicating with broad publics for their use of the sociological imagination in their coverage of social issues of vital importance. This award recognized professionals who advance sociological understanding of the world. Nominees must have made noteworthy contributions to social investigation and analysis through any medium of public communication. 

Past Recipients 

2019 - Eric Deggans

2018 - Award not given

2017 - Michael Moore

2016 - Ta-Nehisi Coates

2015 - Bill Moyers

2014 - Lee Rainie

2013 - Ira Glass and the Staff of "This American Life"

2012 - Katha Pollitt

2011 - David Brooks

2010 - Sebastião Salgado

2009 - Barbara Ehrenreich

2008 - Michael Apted

2007 - Malcolm Gladwell

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