American Sociological Association

Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

The ASA Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award honors ASA members' outstanding contributions to the teaching of undergraduate and/or graduate sociology. The award recognizes contributions that have made a significant impact on the manner in which sociology is taught at a regional, state, national, or international level. 

The award typically is given for a series of contributions spanning several years or an entire career, although it may recognize a single project of exceptional impact. The award is not designed to recognize outstanding teaching ability at one's own institution unless that is part of a career with broader impact. Individuals or groups of individuals are eligible. Programs and departments are not eligible.

Contributions considered may include preparation of teaching- and curriculum-related materials and publications, participation in the scholarship of teaching and learning, development and communication of innovative teaching techniques, leadership in teaching-related workshops or symposia, and/or involvement in innovative program development.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations should include the name of the nominee and a one to two-page statement explaining the basis of the nomination (maximum 2000 words), a vita, and 1-2 letters of recommendation.

In addition to the nomination materials described above, complete and submit the required nomination form

Nominations can be considered for five years. However, nominations are not automatically renewed. Each year, nominators will be asked if they wish to renew their nominations for consideration. If a renewal is requested, nominators will be invited to submit updated information or additional materials and are required to respond again to the ethics question. 

Self-nominations are encouraged. All awardees must be current ASA members at the time of the award ceremony at the Annual Meeting.  One need not be a member to be nominated for an award. All nominators must be current members.  

Submit nominations for the 2021 award to by January 1, 2021

2021 Selection Committee Members

The selection committee is composed of nine members, each serving a staggered three-year term. Members are appointed from among the Association membership by the Council based on the recommendation of the Committee on Committees.

Richard Moye, Chair
Rebecca Bach
Judson Everitt
Brent Harger
Shirley Jackson
Leonard Nevarez
Bernice Pescosolido
Chavella Pittman
Kathy Yep

Past Recipients 

2020   Brian Powell 

           Michael Schwartz

2019    William Frey

2018    Daniel F. Chambliss

2017    Howard Aldrich

2016    Helen A. Moore

2015    Gwen Sharp and Lisa Wade for "Sociological Images Blog"

2014    Kathleen Lowney

2013    Rose Brewer

2013    Jay Howard

2012    Diane Pike

2012    Katherine Rowell

2011    Maxine Atkinson

2010    Keith Roberts

2009    Carla B. Howery

2008    Carol Jenkins

2008   Elizabeth Grauerholz

2007   Edward Kain

2006   Kathleen McKinney

2005   Caroline Hodges Persell

2004   Jeanne Ballantine

2003   Robert M. Hauser

           Michael Burawoy

2002   John Macionis

2001   Department of Sociology, Indiana University

2000   George Ritzer

1999   William G. Roy

1998   Sociology Major Program, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Santa Clara University

1997   Robert R. Alford

1996   Vaneeta D'Andrea

1995   Dean S. Dorn

1994   Reece McGee

1993   Memphis State University Center for Research on Women (Bonnie Thornton Dill, Elizabeth Higginbotham, Lynn Weber)

1992   Theodore C. Wagenaar

1991   No Award Given

1990   Southwest Texas State University Sociology Program

1989   James A. Davis

1988   Sharon McPherron

           Charles A. Goldsmid

1987    William A. Gamson

1986    Sister Marie Augusta Neal

1985    University of Kentucky Department of Sociology

1984    Joseph Bensman

1983   David Riesman

1982    John C. Pock

1981   Hans O. Mauksch

1980    Everett K. Wilson

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