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Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

The Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award is given to an individual or individuals for their work in the intellectual traditions of the work of Oliver Cox, Charles S. Johnson, and E. Franklin Frazier, three African American scholars. Cox, Johnson, and Frazier placed their scholarship in service to social justice, with an eye toward advancing the status of disadvantaged populations. Their scholarship was not limited to just the gathering of more data, but was rather scholarship that was attempting to better conditions globally.  Cox, Johnson, and Frazier worked to broaden the thinking of society and to broaden what the mainstream included.

In the spirit of the lifetime efforts of Cox, Johnson, and Frazier, the committee invites nominations of individuals or institutions with a record of outstanding work, such as, but not limited to:

  • Work on social justice issues
  • Work on human rights
  • Activism, community efforts, the building of institutions, or sustaining programs
  • Emphasis on African American or similarly disadvantaged racial/ethnic populations that have experienced historical racial discrimination

Occasionally, institutional commitment to social justice, to broadening the tradition to including and empowering marginalized scholars and marginalized peoples, is so compelling that this award can recognize a communal institutional effort.

Nomination Procedures

Former students are encouraged to nominate candidates but not the current students of potential nominees.

Nominations should include a one to two-page cover letter that explains why the individual or institution fits the criteria, a CV (a nomination without a CV will not be considered), and two letters of recommendation.

In addition to the nomination materials described above, complete and submit the required nomination form

Nominations can be considered for five years. However, nominations are not automatically renewed. Each year, nominators will be asked if they wish to renew their nominations for consideration. If a renewal is requested, nominators will be invited to submit updated information or additional materials and are required to respond again to the ethics question. 

Self-nominations are encouraged. All awardees must be current ASA members at the time of the award ceremony at the Annual Meeting.  One need not be a member to be nominated for an award. All nominators must be current members.  

Submit nominations for the 2021 award to by January 1, 2021


2021 Selection Committee Members

The selection committee is composed of nine members, each serving a staggered three-year term. Members are appointed from among the Association membership by the Council based on the recommendation of the Committee on Committees.

Karida Brown, Chair
Orly Clerge
David Embrick
Hayward Horton
Patrick Lopez-Aguado
Kris Marsh
Cid Martinez
Victor Ray
Denise Segura


Past Recipients 

(Originally a biennial award for work in the tradition of DuBois, Johnson, and Frazier; now annual for work in the tradition of Cox, Johnson, and Frazier.)

2020 - Vilna Bashi Treitler

2019 - Sandra Barnes

2018 - Joe R. Feagin

2017 - Mary Romero

2016 - Thomas Fraser Pettigrew

2015 - Howard Winant

2014 - Richard O. Hope

2013 - Elijah Anderson

2012 - James W. Loewen

2011 - Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

2010 - Delores P. Aldridge

2009 - Aldon Morris

2008 - Cora B. Marrett

2007 - Jorge Bustamante

2006 - Rutledge M. Dennis

2005 - no recipient

2004 - Sociology Department at Washington State University

2003 - John Moland, Jr.

2002 - Walter R. Allen

2001 - Troy Duster

2000 - Charles U. Smith

1999 - no award given

1998 - Howard F. Taylor

1997 - G. Franklin Edwards

1996 - Edgar G. Epps

1994 - Charles V. Willie

1992 - Andrew Billingsley

1990 - William Julius Wilson

1988 - Doris Y. Wilkinson

1986 - James E. Blackwell

1984 - Joyce A. Ladner

1982 - Daniel C. Thompson

1980 - Joseph S. Himes

1978 - Ira DeAugustine Reid

1976 - Hylan G. Lewis

1973 - St. Clair Drake

1971 - Oliver Cromwell Cox

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