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Advertising Policy

ASA Advertising Policy


All items exhibited, advertised, and/or sold under the auspices of the American Sociological Association (e.g., at the Annual Meeting, in Footnotes, or in direct mailings to the ASA membership though the rental of an ASA membership list) must be of a nature that they can reasonably be considered to be:

  1. "tools of the trade" by sociologists acting in their professional capabilities as faculty, students, and/or sociological practitioners;
  2. of benefit to individual members (e.g., insurance offered at competitive rates because of group membership); or
  3. of benefit to the ASA while insuring that individual members have adequate information regarding costs to subscribers (e.g., credit cards, a portion of whose profits go to the ASA).

The character of the exhibits, advertisements, or sales is subject to the approval of the Executive Officer or her/his designee. The ASA reserves the right to refuse any application for exhibit space, advertising, or sales, and to curtail or cancel any such exhibit, advertisement, or sale which, in the sole judgment of the Executive Officer, does not conform to these guidelines. This policy applies to the use or rental of the ASA membership list, unacceptable displays, advertisements, or sales of novelties and souvenirs, as well as the personal conduct of exhibitors or their representatives.

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