American Sociological Association

Task Force on Membership

Background and Charge

Like many social science professional associations, ASA has recently experienced a decline in membership. In response the ASA Council appointed a Task Force on Membership in August 2016.

The charge for this task force is to research the many possible internal and external reasons for the decline—from a desire for different benefits to financial considerations and from feelings of exclusion to new perceptions of how best to associate professionally—and identify potential ways to mitigate those problems. In addition, the task force is asked to investigate how to better reach out to sociologists who might benefit from membership and contribute to the vitality of the organization (contingent faculty, sociologists working in applied settings, high school teachers, community college faculty, and others). The task force should inquire into what has kept those populations from joining and how ASA can be made more appealing to them. As part of these investigations the task force is asked to compare ASA to sister societies for benchmarking purposes.

The task force will also review past and present efforts of other scholarly associations to address these issues, and make recommendations to ASA Council as to how the Association can best address the challenge these developments present to our field.

Task Force on Membership Members

James McKeever, Co-Chair (Los Angeles Pierce College)
Olav Sorenson, Co-Chair (Yale University)
Nicole V. Amaya (ASA Executive Staff Liaison)
Michelle Madsen Camacho (University of San Diego)
Obie Clayton (Clark Atlanta University)
Karen Grey Edwards (ASA Executive Staff Liaison) 
Jerry A. Jacobs (University of Pennsylvania)
Julia McQuillan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Andrew J. Perrin (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Diogo Lemieszek Pinheiro (University of North Georgia)
Stephen A. Ressler (Callyo)
Wendy D. Roth (University of British Columbia)
Florencia Torche (Stanford University)
Margaret Weigers Vitullo (ASA Executive Staff Liaison)

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