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Committee on Professional Ethics

The Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE) is responsible for promoting ethical conduct by sociologists at the highest professional level through development and sponsorship of educational activities for ASA members and other sociologists, investigation of complaints concerning the ethical conduct of members of the ASA, and imposition of sanctions when a violation of the ASA Code of Ethics has occurred. COPE also is responsible for recommending to the Council proposed changes in the Code of Ethics to be submitted to the membership for approval. 

The Committee on Professional Ethics is composed of nine members, each serving a staggered three-year term, who are nominated by the Committee on Committees and appointed by the Council. The chair is appointed from among continuing members of COPE by the Council based off the recommendation of COPE members. 

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Name Begin End Position
Enobong (Anna) Branch 1/1/2020 12/31/2022 Member
Mary C. Brinton 1/1/2020 12/31/2021 Committee Co-Chair
Toni Calasanti 1/1/2019 12/31/2021 Member
Megan Lee Comfort 1/1/2018 12/31/2020 Member
David Cunningham 1/1/2020 12/31/2021 Committee Co-Chair
Tiffany Davis 1/1/2018 12/31/2020 Member
Jay R. Howard 1/1/2020 12/31/2022 Member
Kecia R Johnson 1/1/2018 12/31/2020 Member
Jodi O'Brien 1/1/2020 12/31/2022 Member

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