The MCAT2015 and Sociology

Starting in 2015, the new MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) will include a required section on the social and behavioral sciences. 30 percent of that section is specifically about sociology. This may mean that pre-medical curricula across the country will start requiring Introduction to Sociology, as well as Introduction to Psychology. It certainly means that there will be increasing numbers of pre-med students in sociology classes.

Webinar Recording: MCAT Changes as Department Opportunity

This 60 minute webinar covers the upcoming changes in the MCAT including sociology content, proactive steps departments can take to prepare for the changes, and lists of helpful resources. The webinar was originally broadcast as part of the ASA Department Affiliates Webinar Series. Learn more about the ASA Department Affiliates and how everyone in your department can get access to future live webinars.

Helpful Resources

“Changes in the MCAT Have Implications for Sociology Department Planning”  Footnotes December 2012

“New MCAT Emphasizes Social Foundations of Health and Disease” Footnotes July/August 2012

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