Sociology at the 2012 USA Science and Engineering Festival

The American Sociological Association in partnership with Social Explorer  and Teaching with Data will host the Sociology booth at the 2012 USA
Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC April 27th- April 29th. The USA Science and Engineering Festival features over 3,000 fun, interactive, exhibits, more than 100 stage shows and 33 author presentations. The Expo is held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. 


 “Science of the Modern Family: Using Sociology to Learn How Kids and their Families Live Today”

With the help of some of America’s favorite families—from the Obama’s and the Simpsons, to the families of Harry Potter and Katy Perry, and on to families like yours—participants learn how sociologists use data and test hypotheses.     

 Activity #2

In this activity you will investigate how family structure impacts kids’ behavior.  Do kids in single-parent families do worse in school? Do they spend more time watching TV? Are they more likely to try alcohol?  What about smoking?  What do you think?  Use real survey data from 6th to 10th graders to test your hypotheses! 
(Sponsored by Teaching with Data)

Activity #1 

This activity takes you on a tour through pop culture and census data to answer questions like “What do American families look like today?” and “How have they changed over the decades?” 
by Social Explorer)