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Honors Program Costs, Transporation, & Lodging

Honors Program Fee

Once accepted, each student will be billed a $250 Honors Program Fee. The billing for this fee will be sent with a letter of acceptance in March. Do not send any money with the application for the Honors Program.

This one-time Honors Program Fee covers all of the following:

  • Honors Program materials and membership costs
  • American Sociological Association membership dues for one year*
  • Subscription to one ASA journal of choice for one year
  • Pre-registration for the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association*
  • Deposit for your lodging arrangements at the Annual Meeting   

Payment of the Honors Program Fee is due immediately upon receipt of the acceptance letter and should be in the form of personal check, registered check,  institutional check, or credit card and should be made out to The ASA - Honors Program.

*This fee will be reduced for applicants who have already prepaid ASA membership, section membership, or Annual Meeting registration. (Please contact Brandon McCain at for more information).

Terms of Acceptance

  • Acceptance will be withdrawn automatically for any applicants who have not paid their $250 fee;
  • Applicants who are accepted but who withdraw from the program prior to July 1 will be refunded $100 of their Acceptance Fee;
  • Applicants who withdraw from the program after July 1 or who fail to attend or complete the program will have their names removed from the list of participants and will forfeit 100% of their Honors Program fee.

Transportation and Lodging

Who Pays?

Students are responsible for their own transportation and lodging costs to participate in the Honors Program. For help in meeting the costs of transportation and lodging, we encourage students talk to their faculty sponsor, department chair, and/or dean of the college about funds available for student travel. Many colleges and universities provide some travel support for the professional development of exceptional students who are presenting papers, receiving special honors, or participating in directed scholarly activities. Students in the ASA Honors Program most certainly fit into this category.


Honors Program students are assigned to double-occupancy rooms in a hotel located near the center of conference activity. The Honors Program and ASA staff have made every effort to keep the cost per student to a minimum. Included in the $250 Acceptance Fee is a Housing Deposit to confirm their hotel reservation; more information about that will be sent to participants in the Spring.

ASA Travel Funds

The ASA provides some funding to offset travel costs incurred by Honors Program participants. These funds are typically quite limited and should not be considered as a primary source of support. Information about applying for ASA travel support will be included with the packet of material sent to accepted students.

Travel Tips

Get started now in your quest for travel support! You may wish to download web pages from this site to provide information about the Honors Program for your college or university.

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