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Honor an Outstanding Student with a Departmental Prize

Consider honoring one or more students in your department who have done particularly well (e.g., an outstanding paper or thesis, special service to the department, etc.) with a Department Prize! ASA will send you a special personalized certificate to present to the student for her/his outstanding achievement, plus a membership application for the student to complete and return to activate the membership. Each certificate will arrive with a signature from the ASA Executive Officer (with a space for the department chair's signature as well), and states that ASA joins with your department in presenting an outstanding student award. There is no additional fee beyond the regular student membership for this special service. Student membership is only $51, including one print journal subscription and online access to all ASA journals, the ASA Job Bank, and the TRAILS database of teaching resources. Send a check for $51 for each prize, plus the student name(s) and mailing address for the certificate and application to: Craig Schaar, ASA Membership Manager, 1430 K Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005. If you have any questions contact Craig Schaar, ASA Membership Manager, at or call (202) 383-9005 x335.

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