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"I highly recommend DRG external reviewers. They are the gold standard."


DRG consultants are available to assist departments with program review, curriculum development, assessment, department retreats, and teaching workshops. In addition, the DRG offers a mentoring program for sociologists who have a taken on a leadership role within their department, such as department chair, division coordinator, or graduate studies director. DRG consultants receive training at each ASA Annual Meeting and are in regular communication throughout the year about trends, data, and new resources that can help build strong departments. DRG consultants are dedicated to empowering department chairs and faculty during periods of self-reflection, external review, or general department revitalization.

Mission Statement

The Department Resources Group (DRG) advances the discipline of sociology by offering empirically-grounded peer review and consulting expertise to academic departments regarding effective practices for pedagogy, curriculum and organizational structures in support of teaching and learning and the production of sociological knowledge.


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