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§ David Lee Stevenson Graduate Student Paper Award

§ Willard Waller Award for Distinguished Scholarship

§ 2002 Sociology of Education Association Conference Program Announcement

A Note from the Editor

January 10, 2002 is the deadline to submit papers to the Sociology of Education Section for the 2002 Annual Meeting. Submissions are invited in all areas of sociology of education for three paper sessions and a roundtable session. Contact: Steve Plank, Johns Hopkins University, splank@csos.jhu.edu . Please consult the American Sociological Association webpage to submit electronically.
The deadline for the next issue of the newsletter is January 31, 2002. Please send articles to: dlevinson@bergen.cc.nj.us .
Finally, looking for that last minute holiday gift? Please encourage your colleagues to join the Section. A yearly membership is $12.00, $7.00 students, and $10.00 low-income.
Happy holidays!

David L. Levinson

A Note from the Section Chair

Hi All.

Anaheim seems a lifetime away. As I write this, those of us in the academic sector already are into midterms-hard to believe. But that part of it could be anticipated, a return to normalcy after an exhilarating weekend at the very edge of Fantasy Land. This year is different though, owing to the unexpected. My wife and I barely had time to catch up on news after Anaheim (I went, she didn't) before heading off to Europe for a long overdue and much delayed vacation. The three weeks touring about Northern Italy and the Swiss Alps were glorious indeed, but all that turned 180 degrees when a curious sight on a TV screen toward the back of a little café in the Alps caught our eye. From a distance, it didn't seem right; close up it was dreadfully wrong. We spent much of the rest of our time in Switzerland glued to the tube, and much the same during our four days stuck in England trying to get home. About the only relief was our one afternoon in London, when we made a pilgrimage, along with many others, to the makeshift memorial site in Grovsner Square, opposite the U.S. Embassy. It was extraordinarily touching, and for the first time we felt really connected to events back home- in one respect, sadly, too close to home: one of the remembrances was a basketball inscribed with the names of two 1984 Hopkins graduates, lost in the WTC attack.

Well, we made it home eventually, much relieved that our circle of family and friends had been spared personal tragedy. But our hearts go out to those who suffered and are suffering still. There isn't much a scattered community such as ours can do, but if anyone would find it helpful, please feel to share your thoughts on the Section listserve.

That's why I say Anaheim seems such a far remove-it's hard even to recover the fun memories of an awesome vacation. But Anaheim in fact was a great success, and Chicago awaits. It's not exactly business as usual, but business it is and we have to get on with it.

The sessions I attended in Anaheim were terrific, the roundtables were wonderful (and well attended) and your section officers worked hard, with lots of help, to make it happen. Thanks are due especially to my predecessor, Dave Baker. Dave had overall responsibility for Section planning in Anaheim and certainly he deserves kudos for a job well done! But beyond that, and on a personal note, I am forever indebted to Dave for helping get me up to speed for my duties this year as Section Chair. I said this at the
Business meeting and repeat it here-there is no elaborate Section infrastructure to help newcomers learn their way through the maze. Very little of the Section's work is codified; there aren't files, archives or a staff of helpers to bail you out. It's volunteer-driven and held together by good will and a cooperative spirit. Dave answered innumerable questions, always with grace and good humor. It would have been impossible without him. My responsibilities include returning the favor to my successor, Barbara Schneider. Dave sets a high standard, but I'll try my best.

The section's work isn't all drudgery, though. We're a remarkably cordial group, what with the animated hallway conversations, an overflow crowd at the reception and, of course, the always memorable Section dinner (thanks this year to Meredith Phillips' good effort). Can't mix business with pleasure? -phooey, I say!!

This year's army of volunteers already is hard at work preparing for another great success in Chicago. Consider this: everyone I asked stepped forward to pitch in. That's quite remarkable, and to me it speaks volumes about our membership and the health of the section. Many of the things they are working on are discussed elsewhere in this newsletter, so here I'll just sketch the landscape.

Those of you who have been around the section for a while will recognize many of the names that follow, but perhaps not all. Among the familiar are several who shoulder continuing responsibilities: Gary Dworkin with membership; David Levinson with the Newsletter; and, Carl Schmitt with the Section's Website and now its listserve. All three eagerly "re-upped" when asked-how about that for devotion!

There also are four new committees that require steering, and I'm pleased to report that each is in good hands. Council, acting in Anaheim, authorized their creation. Richard Arum is leading a group to determine whether a poster session can be added to the Section's mix of vehicles for sharing our work; Steve Brint and Kathy Borman are heading up an ad hoc committee to consider Section sponsorship of a mini-conference sometime down the road; a small group is working with Sam Lucas to explore ways to elevate the visibility of the Willard Waller Award in the context of the Section's other activities; and, Shana Pribesh is heading up a new standing Committee during this its inaugural year, the Committee to Support Early Career Scholars (Shana being one herself!). An important new initiative, the Early Career Committee was recommended by an Ad Hoc Committee Dave Baker had set up the year before. For background please look over Shana's Newsletter write-up.
session can be added to the Section's mix of vehicles for sharing our work; Steve Brint and Kathy Borman are heading up an ad hoc committee to consider Section sponsorship of a mini-conference sometime down the road; a small group is working with Sam Lucas to explore ways to elevate the visibility of the Willard Waller Award in the context of the Section's other activities; and, Shana Pribesh is heading up a new standing Committee during this its inaugural year, the Committee to Support Early Career Scholars (Shana being one herself!). An important new initiative, the Early Career Committee was recommended by an Ad Hoc Committee Dave Baker had set up the year before. For background please look over Shana's Newsletter write-up.

I've also made several appointments that are of a recurrent nature: Suet-Ling Pong is chairing the Willard Waller Award Committee; Meredith Phillips is heading up the David Stevenson Graduate Student Paper Award Committee; and, Nominations is in Ralph McNeal's capable hands. To round out the line-up, I've enlisted Steve Plank and Aaron Pallas to help me organize the Chicago program (each is recruiting a small working group at his respective institution) and Susan Dauber is heading up Local Arrangements for Chicago (which means, first and foremost, attending to our sustenance needs!).

What more can I say-it's an awesome supporting cast and I look forward to working with them all as we advance on the Windy City. And I look forward to hearing from you also- with ideas about initiatives the Section might undertake; with offers to help out.

Finally, for now, as a salutation I wish each and every one of you peace, security and tranquility. Those words are heartfelt, and in these turbulent times not to be taken for granted.

Karl Alexander, Chair

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David Lee Stevenson Graduate Student Paper Award

The Sociology of Education section presents this annual award for an outstanding paper written by a graduate student or students on a topic in education. The author (or first author) must be a graduate student at the time of submission, and all authors must have been graduate students when the paper was written. The paper may be published or under review, but all papers submitted for this award must have been written in the last two years. Papers submitted to last year's competition are not eligible. Students who are not section members are welcome to submit papers. All papers will be reviewed blindly.
Please send six copies of the paper postmarked by March 1, 2002 to:

Meredith Phillips
School of Public Policy and Social Research
3250 Public Policy Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1656
Telephone: 310-794-5475
Email: phillips@sppsr.ucla.edu

Willard Waller Award for Distinguished Scholarship

The Willard Waller Award commemorates Willard Waller, whose seminal work on teaching and schools laid the foundation for the sociology of education. The nature of the award rotates on a three-year cycle. The 2002 Willard Waller Award will go to an outstanding article in the field published in the last three years (1999, 2000, 2001). Please send nominations to the chair of the award committee, Suet-ling Pong, whose address below.
Please send nominations by February 1, 2002 to:

Suet-ling Pong
Department of Education Policy Studies
Penn State University
310D Rackley
University Park, PA 16802
Telephone: 814-863-3770 or 814-865-1488
Fax: 814-1489
Email: pong@pop.psu.edu

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Past Willard Waller Award Recipients

2001   Basil Bernstein   Institute of Education, University of London   Lifetime Career Achievements  
2000   Samuel Roundfield Lucas   University of California, Berkeley   Tracking Inequality: Stratification and Mobility in American High Schools  
1998   Alan C. Kerckhoff   Duke University

1997   Kevin J. Dougherty   Manhattan College   The Contradictory College: The Conflicting Origins, Impacts, and futures of the Community College  
1996   Robert Dreeben   University of Chicago   The Sociology of Education: Its Development in the United States  
1995   John Meyer   Stanford University   Lifetime Career Accomplishments  
1994   Anthony S. Byrk   University of Chicago   Catholic Schools and the Common Good  
   Valerie E. Lee   University of Michigan  
   Peter B. Holland   Belmont School District (MA)  
1993   Alan Sadovnik   Adelphi University   Basil Bernstein's Theory of Pedagogic Practice: A Structuralist Approach  
1992   Christopher Jencks   Northwestern University   Lifetime Contributions  
1990   William Sewell   University of Wisconsin-Madison   Lifetime Contributions  
1988   James S. Coleman   University of Illinois-Chicago   Lifetime Contribution  
1987   Richard Rubinson   Florida State University   Class Formation, Politics, and Institutions: Schooling in the United States 
1986   Willard B. Brookover   Michigan State University   Lifetime Contribution  

The Willard Waller Award was founded in 1986 to acknowledge distinguished scholarly contribution to the sociology of education. After 1992, the Willard Waller Award changed to recognize the best article published in the field. The 1987, 1993 and 1996 awards were for best article published in the last three years.

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2002 Sociology of Education Association Conference
Program Annou ncement

Race, Ethnicity, and Urban Education in the 21st Century: The New Demographic Context its
Sociological Implications

February 22-24, 2002
Pacific Grove
Monterey, California

As in recent years, the Sociology of Education Association maintains its interest in promoting scholarship that assertively addresses how current forms of racial exclusion in society intersect in complex ways with gender and class inequality, and specifically, how these intersecting forces manifest their exclusionary potential in public schools. Also of continuing interest is how different ethnic groups produce cultural forms that resist or attempt to interrupt such exclusionary policies and practices. The current demographic shifts throughout the country and particularly in California are compelling sociologists of education to address issues related to rapid social change brought about by immigration, globalization, and changes in the race-relevant age structure. With the Census 2000, there is a new urgency to decipher the implications of these demographic and political shifts in terms of new or more complex patterns of social stratification and inequality in our national and regional school systems.

The keynote speakers for this year's conference will be:

Jean Anyon, Ph.D.
City University of New York, Graduate Center
Author of Ghetto Schooling: A Political Economy of Urban Education Reform (Teachers College Press)
Title of Talk: "Social Policy and Urban Education: Macroeconomic, Regional and Local Arenas"

And a special presentation by:

Michele Foster, Ph.D.
School of Educational Studies, Claremont Graduate University

The conference will again be held at the Asilomar Conference Ground on the Monterey Coast of California. Please register by December 15, 2001 in order to guarantee you a room at Asilomar. Asilomar does not have arrangements with local hotels to handle overflow. Most of the accommodations at Asilomar are quadruple occupancy, so please let me know your roommate preference. Also, indicate whether you prefer regular or vegetarian meals. A web version of the registration form is available at: http://lmri.ucsb.edu/profdev/sea/index.html (just click on "Registration".)

Claudia Peralta Nash

SEA Conference Registrar
Email: Claudia_peralta-nash@monterey.edu

Ricardo E. Stanton-Salazar
SEA Program Chair
Email: stantons@usc.edu

About Asilomar:

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Section Discussion List


ASA provides each section with an Open Discussion List to be used as a forum for intellectual exchange on topics appropriate for the discipline and profession. This discussion list, unlike the section announcement list, is not "prepopulated" with e-mail addresses of section members. Section members who are interested in participating in the discussion list will need to subscribe to the listserv by using the instructions below.


Each section is given a unique listname based on the section's name. Please refer to the attached document for a complete listing of section listnames. The instructions below will reference listname frequently. Replace listname with the section's listname.

Subscribing to the list:

Each section will encourage its members to subscribe to the open discussion list by using the following steps:

  1. In the address field, type in majordomo@listserv.asanet.org; leave the subject field blank.
  2. In the text area or body of the message, type in subscribe listname, where listname is the section's listname. After issuing the subscribe command in the body of the message, the remainder of the body must be blank. OR, type 2 hyphens (--) on the next line after the subscribe command to have the listserver ignore other text.
  3. Send the subscription message.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation from majordomo@listserv.asanet.org informing you that the request was received. You will be given an authorization key and instructions to respond back to majordomo. This step is to prevent users from subscribing other users without the latter's knowledge. Once this confirmation is sent back to majordomo, you will receive two messages from majordomo welcoming you to the subscribed list.


Section members can unsubscribe their list participation at any time by sending a message to majordomo@listserv.asanet.org and type the following command in the body of the text: unsubsribe listname, where listname is the section's listname

Useful hints:

  1. Sections are strongly encouraged to develop guidelines for the discussion list so that this communication tool can be used effectively to facilitate intellectual exchange among section members.
  2. To contact the list manager of the section for substantive questions or suggestions, users can send a message to owner-listname@listserv.asanet.org, where listname is the section's listname.
  3. To contact the ASA Information Systems Coordinator with technical questions, please send message to infoservice@asanet.org.
  4. For your reference, you can get a list of available majordomo commands by sending an e-mail to majordomo@listserv.asanet.org (leave the subject line blank) and typing help in the body of the message and then send.
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Sociology of Education Section Officers
2000 - 2001

Chair: Karl Alexander, Johns Hopkins University, kla2@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu
Chair-elect: Barbara Schneider, schneidr@norcmail.uchicago.edu
Treasurer/Secretary: Kevin Dougherty, kdougher@manhattan.edu
Past Chair: David Baker, dpb4@psu.edu

  Chandra Muller, University of Texas, cmuller@jeeves.la.utexas,edu
Jeanne Ballantine, Wright State, jballentine@nova.wright.edu
A. Gary Dworkin, GDworkin@uh.edu
Sam Lucas, University of Berkeley, lucas@demog.berkeley.edu
Mark Berends, Rand Corporation, berends@rand.org
Steve Brint, University of California - Irvine, brint@mail.ucr.edu
  Editor David Levinson, dlevinson@bergen.cc.nj.us
Editorial Assistant Robin Harvison, rharvison@bergen.cc.nj.us

Webmaster: Carl Schmitt, carl.schmitt@ed.gov

Election Results

Kathryn Schiller, schiller@albany.edu
Karen Bradley*, karen.bradley@wwu.edu
David Kinney*

*Bradley and Kinney tied for second seat; both will serve one-year staggering terms

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