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American Sociological Association

College Level Introduction to Sociology Course

Task Force Members and Years


Margaret L. Andersen (2001-2003)

University of Delaware, DE


Anne Boyle Cross (2001-2003)

University of Wisconsin-Stout, WI


Paul J. DiMaggio (Council Liaison, 2001-2002;

Member, 2003)

Princeton University, NJ 


Robert W. Greene (2001-2003)

Greenfield High School, WI
now at Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI


Mary R. Holley (2001-2003)

Montclair State University, NJ


Jay R. Howard (2001-2003)

Indiana University/Purdue University, IN


Carla B. Howery (ASA Staff Liaison, 2001-2003)

American Sociological Association, DC


David Karen (2001-2003)

Bryn Mawr College, PA


Felice J. Levine (Ex-officio, 2001-2002)

American Sociological Association, then

American Educational Research Association, DC


Caroline Hodges Persell (Chair, 2001-2003)

New York University, NY


Barbara Schneider (2001-2003)

University of Chicago, IL


Jerry Shepperd (2002-2003)

Austin Community College, TX


Stephen F. Steele (2001-2002)

Anne Arundel Community College, MD


Teresa A. Sullivan (2001-2003)

University of Texas, TX


Ramon S. Torrecilha (2001-2002)

Mills College, CA