September/October 2013 Issue • Volume 41 • Issue 6

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Call For Papers


Contexts is currently seeking contributors to compose short “In Brief” pieces for its upcoming issue. These articles summarize research related to newsworthy topics. While these articles are academically informed, they are written for a broader audience and are largely free of academic jargon. Sample articles can be found at These articles are a great way to write about your existing interests or explore an entirely new topic, while getting a publication under your belt. We are open to any creative article ideas. Contact: Joanne Chen at; .

Journal of Poverty invites submissions on “Housing the Homeless: Emerging Research and New Programs.” Deadline: November 1, 2013. Contact: Jennifer Chernega at; Christine George at For more information, visit

Social Currents, the official journal of the Southern Sociological Society, is a broad ranging, social science journal that focuses on cutting-edge research from all methodological and theoretical orientations with implications for national and international sociological communities. The uniqueness of Social Currents lies in its format: the front end of every issue is devoted to short, theoretical agenda-setting contributions and short empirical and policy-related pieces, ranging anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000 words. The back includes journal articles (7,500-12,000 words) that branch across subfields, including the many specialties of sociology and the social sciences in general. For more information, visit

Research in the Sociology of Health Care is seeking research papers for the annual edition. Papers dealing with macro-level system issues and micro-level issues involving technology, communication, disparities, and government options linked to health and health care are sought. This includes examination of health and health care issues of patients or of providers of care. Papers that focus on linkages to policy, population concerns, and either patients or providers of care as ways to meet health care needs of people in the U.S. and in other countries are solicited. Deadline: February 14, 2014. Contact: Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld at (480) 965-8053;

The Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change (RSMCC) volume will include research in two areas: (1) submissions that have a thematic focus on examples and analytical analyses of intersectionality and marginalized identities in social movements, conflicts, and social change; and (2) general submissions appropriate to any of the three broad foci reflected in the RSMCC series title. Deadline: November 15, 2013. Contact: Lynne Woehrle at For more information, visit .

Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) invites submissions to The Encyclopedia of Family Studies, which will be published (in print and online) by Wiley-Blackwell in 2015. The five-volume project takes an international and interdisciplinary approach to the large and growing field of family studies. “The” family (or families) will be viewed from both an institutional or structural (i.e., macro) level as well as an interactional (i.e., micro) level. This project will be more than a compendium of knowledge about white, upper-middle class U.S. families written by American scholars. Diversity across topics/issues, authors, and intended audiences will be reflected throughout the volumes. Deadline: October 5, 2013. Contact: Melanie L. Duncan at; or Shenan at;


The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHR&GJ) Conference, November 1-2, 2013, New York City, Theme:” International Human Rights Fact-Finding in the Twenty-First Century.” CHR&GJ is accepting paper proposals for original scholarship to be presented at the conference For more information visit, .

Frankfurt School International Conference, July 2-4, 2014, University College Dublin, Ireland. Theme: “Music, Marxism, and the Frankfurt School.” Submissions are invited from a diverse field of interdisciplinary scholars including sociology of music, members of the Frankfurt School, besides Adorno, and the Marxist critics of the Austro-German sphere. Deadline: December 31, 2013. Contact: . For more information, visit

The Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA) and Southwestern Sociological Association (SSA) April 17-19, 2014, Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, TX. Theme: The Evolving and Everlasting Social Sciences. The conference website is currently accepting submissions for their annual meeting. Deadline: November 15, 2013. The Call for Papers can be found at For more information, visit www.

XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, July 13-19, 2014, Yokohama, Japan. Theme: “Facing an Unequal World: Challenges for Global Sociology.” The papers can be sent for the following topics: Gender Roles; Inequality in a Global Community, and Leadership; Morality, Power Relations; Relative Deprivation, Entitlement, and Perceptions of Fairness; Sexism, Racism and Ageism; Social Exchange and Trust; Social Identities; Social Interaction; Social Justice; Social Psychology and Culture; Well-Being and Life Satisfaction; Work Values, Norms and Perceptions. Deadline: September 30, 2013. Contact: Dahlia Moor at; Limor Hemed at . For more information, visit

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October 7-8, 2013. Penn State’s 21st Annual Symposium on Family Issues, University Park Pennsylvania. Theme: “Diverging Destinies: Families in an Era of Increasing Inequality.” Contact: Caroline Sue Scott, ;

October 8-11, 2013. International Symposium on Comparative Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria. Theme: “Inaugural Session.” Contact: ;

October 23-26, 2013. 39th Annual Mid-South Sociological Association Conference. Theme: “Action Sociology: Opportunities in a (Post) Modern World.” Atlanta, GA. Contact: ;

November 8-9, 2013. California Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Berkeley Marina, CA. Theme: “Social Change: Local and Global.” Contact: Ed Nelson at ;

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American Philosophical Society offers Society Grants and Fellowships. This includes the APS/British Academy Fellowship for Research in London, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), and new programs. Applicants not selected for either program will be considered for the Franklin Research Grant. Deadline varies for each Fellowship. Contact: Linda Musumeci at . For more information, visit the Grants Section at

Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies offers up to one year of research support at the Freie Universität Berlin. It is open to scholars in all social science and humanities disciplines, including historians working on German and European history since the mid-18th century. Deadline: December 1, 2013. Contact: . For more information, visit

Wilson Center European Studies Research Grants. Research scholarships are available to American citizens, with a special emphasis on scholars in the early stages of their academic careers (generally before tenure but after PhD). For non-academics, an equivalent degree of professional achievement is expected. Research scholarships will be awarded for 2-4 months of research in Washington, DC, and the stipend amount is $3,300 per month. Office space at the Wilson Center and a research assistant will be provided whenever possible. This is a residential program requiring visiting scholars to remain in the Washington, DC, area and to forego other academic and professional obligations for the duration of the grant Deadline: December 1, 2013. Contact: ;

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The Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program, now in its 16th year, provides early career individuals with the opportunity to spend 12 weeks at the National Academies in Washington, DC learning about science and technology policy and the role that scientists and engineers play in advising the nation. Selections will be made in late October 2014. For more information, visit

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In The News

Tammy Anderson, University of Delaware, was quoted in June 26 Policymic article, “Kendrick Lamar Molly Rap: In Hip Hop, Does Saying No to Drugs Actually Work?”

Richard Arum, New York University, and Josipa Roksa, University of Virginia, were mentioned in a June 12 Forbes article, “Don’t Buy The Hype, College Education Is not an Investment.”

Robert Bellah, University of California-Berkeley, was mentioned in a July 5 Washington Post article, “Pope Francis’ Saintly Politics.”

Tristan Bridges, The College at Brockport-State University of New York, was quoted in a July 6 Denver Post article, “Garage Makeovers Mine Tricky Relationship Territory.”

Lawrence Bobo, Harvard University, was mentioned in a July 17 International Business Times article, “Not The Law: The Culture Failed Trayvon Martin.”

Susan Brown, University of California-Irvine, was quoted in a June 26 Bloomberg Businessweek, “Asians in Thriving Enclaves Keep Distance from Whites in U.S.”

Deborah Carr, Rutgers University, was quoted in a July 29 Chicago Tribune article, “NPR’s Scott Simon Tweets Virgil and Death of Mom in Chicago.”

Wendy Chapkis, University of Southern Maine, was quoted in a July 22 New York Magazine article, “Why Aren’t Women at Home in the World of Weed.”

Carolyn Chen, Northwestern University, wrote, and Thomas Espenshade, Princeton University, was mentioned in a June 16 Savannah Morning News article, “The Bamboo Ceiling on College Admissions.”

Andrew Cherlin, Johns Hopkins University, was quoted in a July 23 New York Times article, “A Steeper Climb for Single Parents.”

John Brown-Childs, University of California-Santa Cruz, wrote a letter to the editor on Native Americans that appeared in the July 29 in the New York Times.

Philip Cohen, University of Maryland-College Park, was quoted in a June 28 New York Times article, “Redrawing the Family Debate.”

Dalton Conley, New York University, was quoted in a June 24 article in the Washington Post, “Putting down the Parents of North West. That Is so May 2013.”

Robert Crosnoe, University of Texas-Austin, was mentioned in a July 15 Education Week article, “Immigrant Paradox Less Consistent in Young Children, Study Finds.”

William D’Antonio, The Catholic University of America, was quoted in a July 11 Washington Post article, “The Word ‘Religion’ has Fallen from Grace with Many Americans.”

Danielle Dirks, Occidental College, was quoted in a June 27 LA Weekly article, “Rape at Occidental College: Official Hush-Up Shatters Trust.”

Nancy DiTomaso, Rutgers University, wrote a May 5 New York Times article, “How Social Networks Drive Black Unemployment.”

Yanyi Djamba, Auburn University at Montgomery, and Pepper Schwartz, University of Washington, were quoted in a July 3 New York Daily News article, “Cheating Wives Narrowing the Infidelity Gap.”

Kathryn Edin, Harvard University, and Luke Shaefer, University of Michigan, were quoted in a May 13 Washington Post article, “Millions of Americans Live in Extreme Poverty. Here’s How They Get By,” in which they discussed poverty in the United States.

Kathryn Edin, Harvard University, was mentioned in a June 15 Houston Chronicle article, “Wanted: Strong Families.”

Anita Engels, University of Hamburg, was quoted in a July 23 Deutsche Welle article, “Protecting the Climate Across Generations.”

Paula England, New York University, Elizabeth A. Armstrong, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, were quoted, and Laura Hamilton, University of California-Merced, was mentioned in a July 14 New York Times article, “Sex on Campus-She Can Play That Game, Too.”

Nancy Foner, Hunter College, was mentioned in a June 29 New York Times Bookshelf review.

Adrianne Frech, University of Akron, Kristi Williams, The Ohio State University, Sheela Kennedy, University of Minnesota, Frank Furstenberg, University of Pennsylvania, and Sharon Sassler, Cornell University, were mentioned in a May 25 article in the New York Times, “When Numbers Mislead.”

Roger Friedland, University of California-Santa Barbara, co-wrote a Room for Debate New York Times article, “Democratic Yearnings Unmet” on young Iranians preference for Democracy.

Ana Maria Garcia, Arcadia University, was mentioned and quoted in a June 24 Philadelphia Inquirer article, “At Abington Meeting, Lesbian Couple to Marry.”

Rebecca Glauber, University of New Hampshire, was quoted in a July 24 Business News Daily article, “Part-time Worker Lament: What Recovery?”

George Gonos, State University New York-Potsdam, was mentioned in a July 5 Financial Post article, “How the Temp Workers Who power America’s Corporate Giants are Getting Crushed.”

Justin Goodman, Marymount University, was quoted in a July 23 Calgary Herald article, “Military Uses Thousands of Live Animals Every Year for Training, Testing.”

Laura T. Hamilton, University of California-Merced, and Michael J. Parks, Penn State, were mentioned in a May 10 article in the New York Times. The article, “Too Much Helicopter Parenting,” discusses American over-parenting.

Laura Hamilton, University of California-Merced, was interviewed in June 28 Forbes article, “Could Covering College for Your Kids Be a Bad Thing?”

Kevan Harris, Princeton University, was quoted in a July 23 Inter Press Service article, “Rouhani Faces Tests at Home and Abroad.”

Douglas Hartmann, University of Minnesota, was quoted in a July 18 Kansas City Star article, “Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Lake Wobegon.”

Matthew Hayes, St. Thomas University, was mentioned in a July 29 Huffington Post Canada article, “Are We Paying Enough Attention to Municipal Politics.”

Kieran Healy, Duke University, was quoted in a July 28 News & Observer article, “Triangle Researchers Work to Make Science, Other Data Accessible.”

Tom Hochschild, Valdosta State University, was quoted in a May 23 article in Melbourne, Australia’s Herald Sun on the social benefits associated with living on cul-de-sac streets.

Kathleen Hull, University of Minnesota, was quoted in a June 26 USA Today article, “How Will Same-Sex Marriage Rulings Affect Children?”

Ellen Idler, Emory University, and Julie Phillips, Rutgers University, were mentioned in a May 4 Washington Times article, “Suicide-Remarkable Rising Trends in Baby Boomers.”

Lane Kenworthy, University of Arizona, was quoted in a July 21 Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, “Views Across Generations.”

Jeffrey Kidder, Northern Illinois University, was quoted in a July 20 Chicago Sun-Times article, “Bike Messenger Embraces a Race-Y Way of Life.”

Michael Kimmel, Stony Brook University, wrote a July 16 New York Times article, “Fired for Being Beautiful.”

Peter Klein, Brown University, was quoted in a July 20 Christian Science Monitor article, “In Building the World’s Third-Largest Dam, Brazil Aims to Build Good Social Practices.”

Eric Klinenberg, New York University, was the subject of a July 22 article by ABC News Sacramento titled, “NY Professor Suggests Regulating Air Condition to Cool Global Warming.”

Rahim Kurwa, University of California-Los Angeles, co-wrote a July 19 San Jose Mercury News article, “Muslim UC Regent: Sadia Saifuddin’s Confirmation is Heartening.”

Zai Liang, University at Albany-SUNY, was quoted in a July 21 issue of World Journal Magazine that highlighted a new law in China that legalized children’s responsibilities/obligations to maintain contact and visit their parents.

James Loewen, University of Vermont, was mentioned in a July 20 Salon article, “Snob Zones: Fear, Money and Real Estate.”

Jamie Longazel, University of Dayton, wrote a July 18 CNBC article, “The Immorality of US Immigration.”

Judy Lubin, Howard University, wrote a July 23 Huffington Post article, “President Obama, Trayvon Martin and the Souls of Black Folk.”

Helen B. Marrow, Tufts University, andTomás R. Jiménez, Stanford University, wrote and Frank Bean,University of California-Irvine, was mentioned in a July 2 Los Angeles Times article, “Mexican American Mobility.”

Douglas Massey, Princeton University, was quoted in a July 22 Denver Post article, “Auto Troubles, Race at Root of Detroit’s Collapse.”

Ruth Milkman, CUNY Graduate Center, was quoted in a July 20 New York Times article, “Being Legal Doesn’t End Poverty.”

Beth Montemurro, Pennsylvania State University-Abington, was quoted in a July 20 BBC News article, “Where Did the Hen Party Explosion Come From.”

David Nibert, Wittenberg University, wrote a June 25 New York Times opinion, “A Sustainable Diet.”

Aaron Pallas, Columbia University, was quoted in a July 20 Daytona Beach News-Journal article, “What’s in a Grade? Plenty for Volusia, Flagler Schools”

Andrew Papachristos, Yale University, was mentioned in a July 20 Chicago Tribune article, “West Side Police Commander to go Door to Door Warning Gangbangers.”

Lori Peek, Colorado State University, was mentioned in a July 22 Huffington Post article, “Where Is Islamophobia Heading in the U.S.”

Michael Pollard and Kathleen Mullan Harris, both of the RAND Corporation, were mentioned in a July 8 Atlantic article, “Men and Women Often Expect Different Things When They Move in Together.” The research was also covered by the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post.

Brian Powell, Indiana University, was quoted and Hui Liu, Michigan State University, was mentioned in a June 26 Live Science article, “The American Family: How Gay Marriage Ruling Will Change Our Views.” The article was later featured by Yahoo! News and NBC News.

Robert D. Putnam, Harvard University, wrote a July 10 Politico article, “Political Science Research Offers Better Democracy.”

Rashawn Ray, University of Maryland-College Park, was quoted in a June 30 Huffington Post article, “Rachel Jentel, Trayvon Martin’s Friend, May Have Helped and Hurt.”

Helen Rizzo, American University in Cairo, was quoted in a June 23 USA Today article, “Egypt Women Rising Up Against Sexual Harassment.”

John Robinson, University of Maryland-College Park, was quoted in a July 12 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article, “Even Decades Later, Americans are Still Sedentary.”

Rubén Rumbaut, University of California-Irvine, wrote a letter featured in a July 20 New York Times article, “Sunday Dialogue-The Meaning of Race.”

Lauren Sardi, Quinnipiac University, was quoted in a July 27 New Haven Register article, “Hate Groups Try Newer Tactics in Bid for Connecticut Members.”

Matt Salganik, Princeton University, was mentioned in a June 17 Atlantic article, “The Tyranny of Most-Popular Lists.”

Matthew Sanderson, Kansas State University, was quoted in a July 7 Merced Sun-Star article, “Immigration: Great Divider?”

Saskia Sassen, Columbia University, was quoted in a June 23 New Zealand Herald article, “How Mass Protests Around the Globe Have Become the ‘New Social Network.’”

Barbara Schneider, Michigan State University, and Richard Settersten, Oregon State University, wrote a July 16 Inside Higher Education, “Now What?”

Christopher Schneider, University of British Columbia, was quoted in a July 15 Edmonton Journal article, “Glee Star’s Death a ‘Teaching’ Opportunity.”

David R. Segal, University of Maryland, was quoted in a July 28 Associated Press article, “Air Force Asks Students to Solve Real-World Problems.” The article was also published in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Newsday.

Saher Selod, Simmons College, was quoted and Lori Peek, Colorado State University, and Charles Kurzman, University of North Carolina, were mentioned in a July 19 Financial Times article, “Growing Up Muslim in America.”

Gwen Sharp, Nevada State College, wrote a June 17 Huffington Post article, “Victorian Breastfeeding Photo Fad: Shifting Discourses of Motherhood.”

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Duke University, was quoted in a July 4 Salon article, “Don’t Call it ‘Independence Day.’”

Stephanie Slates, Johns Hopkins University, was mentioned in a July 1 Time magazine article, “Reading Books Can Reverse Summer Slide in Children’s Literacy Skills.”

Sarah Sobieraj, Tufts University, was quoted in a June 24 Christian Science Monitor article, “Snowden Saga in Overdrive after Flight to Russia.”

Rodney Stark, Baylor University, wrote a July 4 Wall Street Journal article, “The Myth of Unreligious America.”

Teresa Swartz, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, was quoted in a July 12 Minneapolis Star Tribune article, “More Parents are Keeping Their Kids on the Family Phone Plan.”

Lisa Martino-Taylor, St. Louis Community College, was quoted in a CBS St. Louis article, “Poor St. Louis Minorities Targeted for Secret Cold War Chemical Testing.”

Stefan Timmermans, University of California-Los Angeles, wrote a July 19 Los Angeles Times article, “Genetic Screening: Every Newborn Is a Patient.”

Zeynap Tufecki, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, was quoted in a June 17 NBC Bay Area article, “Users Do a lot for Facebook Likes.”

France Winddance Twine, University of California-Santa Barbara, wrote a July 29 opinion in Aljazeera, “Killing the Black Male Body.”

Debra Umberson, University of Texas-Austin, and Susan Brown, Bowling Green State University, were quoted in June 15 CBS News article, “Are two dads better than one.”

Janet Vertesi, Princeton University, was quoted in a July 17 USA Today article, “Bands Ask Fans to Limit Cell Phone Use, Concertgoers Torn.”

Lisa Wade, Occidental College, and Gwen Sharp, Nevada State College, wrote an article about recent college graduates in a May 24 Huffington Post blog, “Advice for College Grads From Two Sociologists.”

Bruce Western, Harvard University, and Jake Rosenfeld, University of Washington, were mentioned in a July 24 article in The Atlantic, “Are Shrinking Unions Making Workers Poorer?”

Bruce Western, Harvard University, Christopher Wildeman, Yale University, Megan Comfort, RTI International, Robert DeFina and Lance Hannon, both of Villanova University, Raymond V. Liedka, Oakland University, and Becky Pettit, The University of Washington, were all quoted in a February 18 article in the New York Times article. “Prison and the Poverty Trap,” which highlighted issues of the U.S. penal system and the problems that follow incarceration.

Janelle Wilson, University of Minnesota, was mentioned in a July 22 Windsor Star article, “The Beatles Showed Us the Way to Get Back Home.”

Kassia Wosock, University of New Mexico, was mentioned in a July 24 CNBC article, “No Porn Please, We’re British.”

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Ryan Ceresola, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and Laura Backstrom, Indiana University, shared second place in the Graduate Paper Competition from the Midwestern Sociological Society for “Doing Poor in AmeriCorps: How National Service Members Deal with Living below the Poverty Line” and “Resocialization at a Children’s Weight Loss Camp,” respectively.

Arnold Dashefsky, University of Connecticut, was the first academic to receive the Berman Service Award for 2012 from the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry.

Elaine Draper, California State University-Los Angeles (CSULA), received the NSS Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award from CSULA’s Associated Students and College of Natural and Social Sciences.

Mark Granovetter, Stanford University, is the recipient of the 2013 Everett M. Rogers Award from the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Beverly Lindsay, Pennsylvania State University, has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Indonesia at the University of Lampung-Lampung Province and the Ministry of Education-Jakarta for fall 2013. Her fellowship focuses on university research and policy development in education and social sciences.

Robert Michael Kunovich, University of Texas-Arlington, was elected to membership in the Academy of Distinguished Teachers at the University of Texas-Arlington in April 2013.

Sheri Kunovich, Southern Methodist University, was awarded the Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor Award from Southern Methodist University

Alondra Nelson, Columbia University, received the 2013 Mirra Komarovsky Book Award from the Eastern Sociological Society for her monograph Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination (University of Minnesota Press, 2011).

Peter Parilla, University of St. Thomas, and Diane Pike, Augsburg College, received the Presidential Award from the Midwestern Sociological Society.

Jessi Streib, University of Michigan, won first prize in the Graduate Paper Competition from the Midwestern Sociological Society for “How Appreciation Crosses Class Lines: Cultural Complements and the Case of Different-Origin Marriages.”

Robert D. Woodberry, National University of Singapore, received four outstanding article awards for “The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy” published in the American Political Science Review. Three were from the American Political Science Association (the Luebbert Award for Best Article in Comparative Politics, Best Article in Comparative Democratization, and runner up for the Wallerstein Award for Best Published Article in Political Economy) and one from the American Sociological Association (Distinguished Article in the Sociology of Religion).

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Elaine Draper, California State University-Los Angeles, was promoted to Professor of Sociology at California State University-Los Angeles.

Jennifer C. Lena, Barnard College, has accepted an offer from Teacher’s College, Columbia University as Associate Professor of Arts Administration, with an Affiliated Faculty position in the Department of Sociology.

Daniel Monroe Sullivan has been promoted to Full Professor at Portland State University.

David T. Takeuchi, University of Washington, will join Boston College Graduate School of Social Work fall 2013 as Professor, Associate Dean for Research, and Dorothy Book Scholar.

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Penelope Canan, University of Central Florida (UCF), who taught Environmental Sociology at UCF, retired this past December. She was awarded the Professor Emerita status.

Jane Joann Jones, Ursinus College, was named a 2013 ACLS Public Fellows and will be assigned to BronxWorks.

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New Books

William V. D’Antonio, Catholic University, Steven A. Tuch, George Washington University, Josiah R. Baker, George Mason University, Religion, Politics, and Polarization: How Religiopolitical Conflict Is Changing Congress and American Democracy (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2013).

Arnold Dashefsky, University of Connecticut, and Ira Sheskin, University of Miami, Eds., American Jewish Year Book, Vol. 113 (Springer, 2013).

Robert J. Durán, New Mexico State University, Gang Life in Two Cities: An Insider’s Journey (Columbia University Press, 2013).

Susan J. Ferguson, Grinnell College, Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Class: Dimensions of Inequality (Sage, 2013). 

Nadia Y. Flores-Yeffal, Texas A&M University, Migration-Trust Networks: Social Cohesion in Mexican U.S.-Bound Emigration (Texas A&M University Press, 2013).

Elaine Bell Kaplan, University of Southern California, We Live in the Shadow: Inner-City Kids Tell Their Stories through Photographs (Temple Press University, 2013).

Mary Ellen Konieczny, University of Notre Dame, The Spirit’s Tether: Family, Work and Religion Among American Catholics (Oxford University Press, 2013).

Douglas S. Massey, Princeton University, Len Albright, Northeastern University, Rebecca Casciano, Elizabeth Derickson, and David N. Kensey, all of Princeton University, Climbing Mount Laurel: The Struggle for Affordable Housing and Social Mobility in an American Suburb (Princeton University Press, 2013).

Beverly Mizrachi, Ashkelon Academic College, Israel, Paths to Middle-Class Mobility among Second-Generation Moroccan Immigrant Women in Israel (Wayne State University Press, 2013).

Damon J. Phillips, Columbia University, Shaping Jazz: Cities, Labels, and the Global Emergence of an Art Form (Princeton University Press, 2013).

Jackie Smith, University of Pittsburgh, and Ernesto Verdeja, University of Notre Dame, Eds. Globalization, Social Movements and Peacebuilding (Syracuse University Press, 2013).

Helmut Staubmann, University of Innsbruck, Ed., The Rolling Stones: Sociological Perspectives (Lexington Books, 2013).

Karen G. Weiss, West Virginia University, Party School: Crime, Campus and Community (Northeastern University Press, 2013).

Isidor Wallimann Ed., Syracuse University, Environmental Policy Is Social Policy - Social Policy Is Environmental Policy: Toward Sustainability Policy (Springer 2013).

Owen Whooley, University of New Mexico, Knowledge in the Time of Cholera: The Struggle over American Medicine in the Nineteenth Century (University of Chicago Press, 2013).

Adia Harvey Wingfield, Georgia State University, No More Invisible Man: Race and Gender in Men’s Work (Temple University Press, 2013).

Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University, Small-Town America: Finding Community, Shaping the Future (Princeton University Press, 2013).

Nachman Ben-Yehuda, Hebrew University, Atrocity, Deviance, and Submarine Warfare: Norms and Practices during the World Wars (University of Michigan Press, 2013).

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Other Organizations

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) will host an OHRP Research Community Forum (RCF) in Nashville, TN with Vanderbilt University in partnership with Meharry Medical College and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The OHRP RCF will be a two-day event focused on the regulatory and ethical issues for protecting human subjects. The theme for the conference is “Innovative Strategies: Taking the Protection of Human Subjects to the Next Level.” Contact: Wendy Lloyd at (615) 322-2918, For more information, visit

The Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociological Honors Society fall teaching and learning workshop will be held at the Mid-South Sociological Association annual meeting in Atlanta on October 24-25, 2013. Presentations, discussions, and activities will explore the fundamentals about how people learn, how we know when learning has occurred, and how teaching impacts learning. The workshop will provide practical tips for the classroom immediately as well as a broader theoretical foundation upon which to build. For more information, visit

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New Publications

Women’s Reproductive Health is a new journal from The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. The first issue will be published in spring 2014. Two issues will be published in the first two years, three issues the next two years, and then become quarterly. Contact: Joan C. Chrisler at For more information, visit

Social Currents, the official journal of the Southern Sociological Society, is a broad ranging social science journal that focuses on cutting-edge research from all methodological and theoretical orientations with implications for national and international sociological communities. The uniqueness of Social Currents lies in its format: the front end of every issue is devoted to short, theoretical agenda-setting contributions and short empirical and policy-related pieces; the back includes journal-length articles that branch across subfields, including the many specialties of sociology and the social sciences in general. The journal welcomes submissions that speak to broad social science audiences, that challenge the field, and that offer novel insights for our regional, national and international audiences. The journal’s submission website is accessible and accepting manuscripts at We encourage interested individuals to become part of our reviewer database. The Editors are Toni Calasanti (Virginia Tech) and Vincent J. Roscigno (Ohio State).

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Small academic publishing house for sale. New York based. Six titles in print, all annotated editions of historical non-fiction works. More titles in progress. Might suit retired academic, small college, or individual(s) interested in an enterprise intended to make a contribution to scholarly research, rather than make a profit. Contact

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