September/October 2013 Issue • Volume 41 • Issue 6

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2015 Annual Meeting Theme

Sexualities in the Social World

110th ASA Annual Meeting • August 22-25, 2015 • Chicago, IL

Sex usually occurs in private and is seen as deeply personal, yet it is also profoundly social. Cultural norms and social institutions such as religion, education, mass media, law, and the military all affect what we do sexually with whom. These social forces also affect what is seen as beyond the bounds of legitimacy. Indeed, contemporary politics are full of contentious debates about abortion, sex education, same-sex marriage, pornography, sex work, sexual harassment, systematic rape as a weapon in wars, and female genital cutting. Given the importance of sexuality in people’s lives, and its relevance to many areas of sociology, I selected it as the theme for the 2015 annual meeting of the ASA. Let us gather to discuss a broad set of questions, including the following:

Please join me at our annual meeting in Chicago in August 2015 where our sessions will feature a full range of sociological topics in addition to showcasing exciting new research on sexualities across many subfields.

Paula England, 2015 ASA President and Program Chair

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