September/October 2010 Issue • Volume 38 • Issue 7

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ASA Member-Get-A-Member
Campaign a Success

The 2010 ASA Member-Get-A-Member campaign concluded on July 22. Sixty-four current ASA members (see list below) sponsored 70 new members for 2010.

For every new non-student member sponsored during the campaign, sponsors will receive a $10 discount on their 2011 member dues. In addition, every member who sponsored a new member (student or non-student) was entered into a drawing to win a 32GB iPad tablet computer from Apple. Congratulations to this year’s winner, Torin Monahan (Vanderbilt University).

The ASA extends its gratitude to all participating sponsors in the 2010 Member-Get-A-Member campaign and throughout the year. asalogo

Fabien Accominotti

Julia Adams

Ana Maria F. Almeida

Melissa I. Bamba

Carl L. Bankston, III

Jennifer S. Barber

Robert D. Benford

Kim M. Blankenship

Miriam W. Boeri

John Boli

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

Ethel C. Brooks

Irene Browne

Roderick D. Bush

Alec D. Campbell

Jason G. Cons

Teresa M. Cooney

Harry F. Dahms

Paulo H.S. De Carvalho

Kirsten A. Dellinger

Stefanie Ann DeLuca

John Paul DeWitt

Heather E. Dillaway

Riley E. Dunlap

Laura E. Earles

Jonathan Eastwood

Barry Eidlin

Cheryl Elman

Rebecca J. Erickson

Judith Gerson

Evelyn Nakano Glenn

Daniel Crocker Hale

Gretchen J. Hill

Judith A. Howard

Jana L. Jasinski

Vincent Jeffries

B. Kardaras

Yonghyun Kim

Ethel V. Kosminsky

Stephanie Marie McClure

Torin Monahan

Seio Nakajima

Laura Beth Nielsen

Jackie Orr

Aaron M. Pallas

Sabine Pfeiffer

Phyllis Riddle Reuben Roth

Russell K. Schutt

Giuseppe Sciortino

Jane Sell

Mojtaba Shahnoushi Foroushani

Anne B. Shlay

Teresa Stallings

William G. Staples

Andi Stepnick

Ron Stewart

Kevin Stolarick

Kathy Shepherd Stolley

Hilary Thomas

David B. Tindall

Heather A. Turner

John P. Walsh

Vera L. Zolberg

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