September/October 2010 Issue • Volume 38 • Issue 7

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Randall Collins:
A Smart and Influential Theorist

Randall Collins

Professor Randall Collins has had a remarkable career. AB from Harvard College, MA from Stanford (in psychology), and MA and PhD from Berkeley (in sociology). His first academic job at the University of Wisconsin, first promoted at the University of California-San Diego, then professor at the University of Virginia, senior professor at the University of California-Riverside, and most recently, endowed Chair at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, he has held many visiting positions at elite universities and institutes in the United States and around the globe. He has even quit academia occasionally to be a private scholar; and, on the side, he somehow managed to write engaging novels.

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Sociologists Explore Citizenship As
Annual Meeting Returns to Atlanta

Adam Habib at the
2010 Annual Meeting

The American Sociological Association transformed "Hotlanta" into a hot spot for sociologists this summer, holding its Annual Meeting in the entertainment and cultural center of the South for the first time in seven years. More than 4,600 sociologists attended the 105th Annual Meeting this August—approximately 500 more than in 2003, the last time ASA held its meeting in Atlanta, Georgia—where they explored the theme, "Toward a Sociology of Citizenship."

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Sociology on the Move in Gothenburg

International Sociological Association XVII World Congress of Sociology

More than 5,000 sociologists from 103 countries participated in the International Sociological Association (ISA) XVII World Congress of Sociology in Gothenburg, Sweden from July 10-17, 2010 ( Held every four years in different locations, the World Congress provides a vibrant intellectual and social space for sociologists and social scientists to convene and share their research, exchange ideas, dialogue and debate. This World Congress, with the theme "Sociology on the Move," had five thematic priorities: Violence and War; Sustainability; Worlds of Difference; Action and Imagination; and Religion and Power.

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Think Ahead to 2012!

Session Proposals Are Invited for the 107th Annual Meeting Program!

The substantive program for the 2012 Annual Meeting is now taking shape under the leadership of President-elect Erik Olin Wright and the 2012 Program Committee. The theme of "Real Utopias: Emancipatory Projects, Institutional Designs, Possible Futures" invites participation across the discipline and provides many opportunities to bring together a variety of sociological work in diverse formats.

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