September-October 2008 Issue • Volume 36 • Issue 7

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2008-09 Regional and Aligned Associations Meetings

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology: October 16-18—Jacksonville, FL.

Mid-South Sociological Association: October 22-25—Huntsville, AL. Theme: "Sociology in an Increasingly Virtual World."

New England Sociological Association: November 1—New Britain, CT. Theme: "Teaching and Learning."

Sociologists for Women in Society: February 5-9—Savannah, GA. Theme: "Reflecting Back and Moving Forward: Milestones and Mountains on the Road to Equality."

Eastern Sociological Society: March 19-22—Baltimore, MD. Theme: "Changing Lives, Resistant Institutions."

Southern Sociological Society: April 1-4—New Orleans, LA. Theme: "Inequalities Across the Life Course."

Midwest Sociological Society: April 2-5—Des Moines, IA. Theme: "Teaching Sociological Scholarship."

Southwestern Sociological Association: April 8-11—Denver, CO.

Pacific Sociological Association: April 8-11—San Diego, CA. Theme: "The Shifting Foundations of Inequality."

North Central Sociological Association: April 16-18—Dearborn, MI.

Association of Black Sociologists: June 17-20—New Orleans, LA. Theme: "Black Sociology: Advancing Social Justice and Responsibility Through Teaching, Research, and Activism."

Rural Sociological Society: July 30-August 2—Madison, WI. Theme: "Climate Change and Societal Response: Livelihoods, Communities, and the Environment." small_green


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